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Q&A with Paso Robles School Board Candidate Lance Gannon 

Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of Q&A’s for all candidates running for Paso Robles School Board. 


Q&A with Paso Robles School Board Candidate Lance Gannon

What motivates you to become a school board member?
The current school board needs change. There is no transparency and very little trust with the public. I hope to bring a blue-collar common sense approach to decision making, assure budget responsibility, and continue to strengthen student and teacher security. My prior employment as a purchasing agent required logistics and problem-solving in a team environment. This experience will be helpful as a board member.

What attributes are essential for successful school board members?
Someone who listens well works as a team member, respects other opinions, respects confidentiality and someone who is invested in student achievement.

What is your vision for education in the community?
With input from parents, teachers, students, and the community is that the board sets a clear direction for student success. That student/faculty security continues to strengthen in the schools. Each student is different and our education system needs to assist the parents in preparing them for life’s challenges.

How does the school board decide what is important?
First and foremost is student achievement and security. The board needs to set a clear direction to implement the LCAP plan. Monitor its progress and use continuous improvement tools to recommend adjustments if necessary. The board is also responsible for fiscal responsibility. It needs to remain solvent in order to meet the student needs.

What is your education background?
High School graduate of Paso Robles High School.

Do you represent the school system or the community?
As a board member, you represent both. We are responsible to the community, it is their money we spend. We are responsible to provide a school system that supports the teachers and students in a safe learning environment.

What have you accomplished in regards to school-related situations that make you a good candidate?
Practical experience. As my boys went through the Paso Robles Elementary and Middle Schools, I participated in several parent capacities. In-room parent volunteer and field trip chaperone. Worked yard and lunch duty shifts. One year Vice President of Pifer PTA. Was a member of the Lewis Middle School School site council for two years and the HS for one. Working closely with teachers and staff provides some valuable insight into being a good board member.

Can you comment on recent disciplinary issues within the school district, and how would you resolve them?
A recent survey revealed a definite discipline problem in the district. Teachers are tasked with forms/paperwork that take up teaching time with little or no change in student behavior. Some teachers stated that they just don’t bother anymore. A review of the policy/program is needed. We need to take some of the discipline burdens off the teachers and onto the local administrators while staying within the mandated guidelines.

What are some of the issues facing PRJUSD?
Some of the issues have been stated already in my answers. The obvious elephant in the room is the budget/budget reserve. Board transparency and public trust. Student discipline and continued use of technology and manpower to ensure greater student/faculty security.

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