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Q&A with Paso Robles School Board Candidate Stephanie Ulibarri 

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of Q&A’s for all candidates running for Paso Robles School Board. 

Q&A with Paso Robles School Board Candidate Stephanie Ulibarri

What motivates you to become a school board member?
I’m a public school teacher and community member who sees that the district is facing some pressing issues. I hope to be a positive agent of change toward remedying those issues.

What attributes are essential for successful school board members?
A successful school board member:

  • Will weigh the consequences, positive or negative, of any potential agreement.
  • Will not blindly accept the recommendation of the superintendent without thoughtful, independent consideration.
  • Will not be dissuaded from protecting the district’s goal – quality teaching and learning.


What is your vision for education in the community?
My vision for education in our community is a school district that serves every student who wants to learn and every educator who wants to teach. The PRJUSD School Board should be a transparent and accessible entity that serves our students and district employees.

How does the school board decide what is important?
The school board should decide what is important by asking themselves, “What will have the greatest positive impact on our students and teachers?”

What is your education background?
I hold a California multiple subject teaching credential, and I have a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration from Cal Poly.

Do you represent the school system or the community?
I represent the enterprise of teaching and learning. I’d hope the school system and the community would have a symbiotic relationship – a relationship where an advancement for the school system would be an advancement for the community, and vice versa.

What have you accomplished in regards to school-related situations that make you a good candidate?
I’ve taught in public districts, public charter schools, and private institutions. I have had the opportunity to participate in collective bargaining, and I have administrative experience as well.

Can you comment on recent disciplinary issues within the school district, and how would you resolve them?
The district is making some strides toward improving discipline within the district. They’ve added another student resource officer to the high school, cameras have been installed, and they have implemented a district-wide behavior program. These and any other resources that have been put into place must be monitored and evaluated to ensure they are making an effective impact on school discipline. The district would be wise to collect feedback from the teachers, students, and community on these resources specifically.

What are some of the issues facing PRJUSD?

  • Student attendance and safety.
  • Communication between the district and its teachers.
  • Budgeting “mistakes” and the current low reserve.
  • Teacher job satisfaction.