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Ramon Ayala entertains fans of all ages 

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Grammy award winner has been producing music for more than four decades

–Saturday night, at the Vina Robles Amphitheatre, Ramon Ayala’s fans eagerly anticipated the start of the show. After an engaging video introduction, that highlighted moments from Ayala’s 40 plus year career, the 2001 American Grammy Award winner came out playing a string of his most popular songs.

Ayala says that he derives his inspiration for songs from his wife. He produces all his albums, chooses songs, writes, and directs in the studio. He sings, plays accordion, and guitar. He recorded over 113 studio albums, including cover songs and many originals.

Ayala says that music is, “a true blessing for him.” He said he feels like he was born to play music and the accordion specifically. His father made a great sacrifice to buy his first accordion, and he didn’t buy a real accordion at first, it was actually a toy. After a week, he could play five songs perfectly, note for note. His father knew his son had something special and after three months saved enough money to buy him a real accordion, it was a real “Horner Accordion,” according to Ayala.

Ayala says that a lot has changed in the music world in the last four decades. He said that styles come and go, and he has always been able to maintain a strong following through the change. “People are the ones that dictate what is going to happen in music,” he said. “People like change and they keep their moods changing. Romantic music comes and goes like all music, but Mariachi has stayed strong throughout.”

Ayala reached out to his fans Saturday, asking them to sing along, and his fans complied. Singing at the top of their lungs, they let Ayala know just how well his music is known and loved. Age ranges of his fans varied greatly, from older to younger. No matter the age of his fan, many knew the words to most all of his songs and sang along.

Overall, Ayala brought his fans together for a night of music, singing, and dancing. Ayala has been bringing music to his fans for over four decades and each decade seems to get better.



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