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Restaurant Furniture Pieces That Will Level Up Your Interior Design 


When you own a restaurant, you have to be a jack of all trades. You need food knowledge to create a menu of delicious dishes. You need business knowledge to secure financing and run a profitable establishment. You need knowledge of people so as to build a welcoming environment and market to patrons. And you need design knowledge to turn a room into an appealing space.

Of course, there are very few people who have mastered all of these skills. Most restaurant owners either partner with people with complementary skills or hire consultants. Alternatively, they can simply do the best they can.

The reality is that not all of these skills are as difficult as they sound. Design in particular is something that you can do on your own as long as you have a good eye.

The most significant aspect of restaurant design is furniture. If you find striking examples of the following pieces, you can level up your interior design with no trouble at all.

Standalone Tables

It is difficult to make booths look classy, although it can be done. However, you are most likely to succeed at uplifting your interiors with standalone tables. With tables made from excellent materials – including certain woods and metals – patrons will feel better about the establishment. Scratched plastic tabletops or sticky wood, on the other hand, will immediately give them hygiene concerns.

Striking Chairs

Restaurant chairs should be comfortable. Without a basic level of comfort, their aesthetic qualities will go to waste. However, comfortable does not need to look cheap or pedestrian. The above photo is from Charter Yachts of Newport Beach. Their restaurant chairs look both chic and incredibly comfortable. You want furniture that draws the eye of a potential patron, but you also want them to feel good enough to stick around.

Bar Stools

Including seating at the bar is a great way of making space in your restaurant, especially considering the remaining need for social distancing. They can look classy and add depth to your space. Stylish commercial bar stools make it possible to sit at the bar in comfort without feeling like you’re being shoved in a corner. It is perfect for two people eating together, who would have otherwise taken up a whole table.

Outdoor Furniture

If you have space for patrons to sit outside, you should take care to furnish it with classy outdoor furniture. Too many restaurant owners would rather not spend all that much on furniture that will have to face the elements. But an outdoor area can uplift the feel of the whole restaurant, as long as you have stylish pieces. They can be relatively simple, as long as they look good and are comfortable to sit on. Patrons can sit outdoors for hours, getting extra courses and drinks throughout the day. Of course, that’s not always ideal if you have new arrivals to seat, in which case you need to find a subtle way to make them leave.

Restaurant furniture is the most important aspect of your restaurant’s design. As long as you get this right, your restaurant will attract customers who want to stick around.


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