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Rick Torres, Solvang State Farm Insurance Agent, Reports The Difference Between Renter’s Insurance And The Landlord’s Insurance 

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–Rick Torres, agent for State Farm Insurance in Solvang, clears up the misunderstandings many renters have about the differences between renter’s insurance and their landlords’ insurance.

Basically, the landlords’ insurance protects the landlord, not the renter. Renter’s insurance protects the renter’s personal property and can also provide liability protection.

If a house or apartment and the renter’s personal property are destroyed in a fire, the landlord’s insurance only protects the landlord. Without renters insurance, the tenant not only loses personal property, but there is also no resource for recovering the cost of the lost items and replacing them. Even if the fire is due to landlord negligence, the legal process to be reimbursed for loss can take a very long time and be more costly than most people can afford. A renter’s insurance policy can help replace lost property.

In cases of accidental fire, such as even a small kitchen fire caused when a tenant leaves a pot unattended on the stove, the landlord’s insurance may pay for repairs, but would then start the process of recovering the costs from the tenant. If the tenant has the right renter’s insurance, that policy would protect the tenant from financial liability. The Solvang insurance agent can recommend the best coverage for anyone’s needs.

There are other things besides damage to the home and loss of personal property that make renter’s insurance an important investment. What if a guest trips and falls over an area rug in the living room, or is injured some other way while visiting? What if the family dog bites someone, or the new puppy’s accidents require the carpet to be replaced?

Liability coverage is designed to help cover personal liability if a guest is injured or the family dogs bite someone or cause property damage. The renter’s insurance policy can also cover legal defense expenses should a lawsuit arise.

Renter’s insurance can help reduce liability for pet owners in these kinds of cases, but there are some points to be aware of when choosing a renter’s insurance policy:

  • Some dog breeds are not covered by renter’s insurance. Some insurance companies won’t even provide any kind of renter’s insurance to tenants who own certain breeds of dogs.
  • Renter’s policies may not cover the liability associated with keeping livestock, even if the property is zoned for livestock. Any damage or injuries caused by the kid’s 4-H or FFA animals, or the family horses would not be covered. When livestock is part of the family, there are farm and ranch policies available for renters that would not only offer liability on the animals but also cover personal property and other liability just as a regular renter’s insurance policy does. Ask Rick Torres, the Solvang insurance agent about this kind of coverage.

Loss of use is one more consideration for investing in renter’s insurance. In most areas, you have a right to go back to the house or apartment once the damage has been repaired. But you may still have to pay rent during that time, or pay rent into an escrow account. Most people can’t afford the additional rent for a temporary place to live. A renter’s policy can protect you by covering those additional expenses.

Renter’s insurance is not as expensive as one might think and is well worth the investment to protect personal property and as extra protection against liability. Rick Torres, the Solvang insurance agent, is happy to discuss insurance needs and make comprehensive and cost-effective recommendations for bundled auto and renter’s insurance.

Rick Torres State Farm Insurance Agent
540 Alisal Road, Suite 4
Solvang, CA 93463-2637
(805) 688-5418

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