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RV catches fire in Atascadero, CA 

–An old RV caught fire in a storage yard off Traffic Way late Thursday morning, producing a big column of black smoke. Bill White of the Atascadero Fire Department says the fire broke out around 10:17 while the firefighters were attending a PG and E training exercise in the downtown area. The owner of the RV stored tires under the vehicle which smoldered for several hours and produced a great deal of black smoke.

Atascadero Firefighters were attending an exercise with PG&E staffers when the alarm sounded. Two engines quickly arrived at the storage yard behind industrial buildings on Via Avenue off Traffic Way. Because there was no fire hydrant nearby, they used the water from their trucks. They had to extend hoses 500 feet from the engines to reach the RV fire.

The RV was sitting on top of the old tires, so they had to use a tow truck to tow the RV off the tires in order to access the smoldering tires.

White said, “Because of the remote location, it was fortunate we were able to respond quickly. With the amount of vehicles that are stored in that storage yard, it could have been quite a conflagration had there been any delay in our response.”

Because of the tires, the firefighting efforts continued for almost four hours in the storage yard off Traffic Way and Via Avenue.

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