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San Luis Obispo DJ Service Reports ‘What makes a good DJ?’ 

DJ service San Luis Obispo

A good DJ — a really good top of the line DJ — does much more than just play music. When you hire a DJ from Music Makers DJ Service in San Luis Obispo, you get a DJ who knows how to entertain your guests and keep the party moving, knows when it’s time to speed things up or slow them down, knows the music, and can do double-duty as the master of ceremonies.

A professional DJ shows up in plenty of time to be set up and ready with your favorite background music before your guests arrive. The DJ is a critical player is setting the mood for your celebration and keeping just the right pace and mood from the beginning until the party winds down. Important characteristics of a very good DJ include:

  • Knows the music and the artists
  • Knows how to read a crowd
  • Stage presence

Knows the music and the artists

It’s one thing to have a music library with thousands of songs and another thing to be deeply familiar with the music. A good DJ is also a good party planner. When you meet with the DJ to choose the music one of the first signs you are working with a good DJ is the questions you are being asked. Questions can include everything from the kind of music you want, to background music and the age range of your guests.

To a good DJ, these questions are important because it helps the DJ make good music recommendations. A high school graduation party, for example, calls for one kind of music while dance music for a golden anniversary party attended by everyone from babies to great grandparents needs variety.

Knows how to read a crowd

There’s more to a good DJ than just showing up and playing the music. Even though every set has a mix of fast and slow music, sometimes the energy of the crowd changes. A good DJ knows how to read the crowd and change the pace. He or she also knows how to engage your guests with a little banter to pick things up or slow them down. Basically, the DJ you want knows how to keep the party going so everyone has a great time and start slowing it down as “closing time” arrives.

Stage presence

A DJ often does double-duty as the master of ceremonies, introducing the guests of honor, announcing key-guests who are making toasts or announcing a change in activities. A solid stage presence helps engage guests in the activity of the moment. There is nothing like friendly laughter to put guests in the frame of mind to enjoy the party. A good DJ can help get everyone happy and relaxed, including the host and hostess.

A local presence

With over 5000 events under their belts, Music Makers DJ Service is in a unique position to help with some of the details of your party or wedding. Stuck for a local venue? Need some special lighting? Help with wedding planning? How about some fun entertainment? Consider a photo booth!

Why go through the stress of finding a venue, hiring a caterer, renting furnishings, and arranging for the music all by yourself? Music Makers DJ Service has a music library of nearly 100,000 songs, they know their music, can help suggest the best music for the event and guests, keep the party going and help you plan it all as well. Give Music Makers DJ Service a call today to get your party started!

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