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School board trustee named ‘Hero of the Tax Payer’ 

Kenneth Enney and Angela Seastrand.

School board trustee given award at recent Central Coast Taxpayers Association ceremony

The Central Coast Taxpayers Association recently honored Paso Robles School Board Trustee Kenneth Enney as Hero of the Taxpayer. At a ceremony Sunday in Paso Robles former Assembly Woman Andrea Seastrand gave Enney the recognition.

Award recipients in previous years include Andy Caldwell of COLAB in 2019, Congressman Kevin Kyle in 2020, and Richard Patten in 2021, who developed the Patten Map for the SLO County Supervisors’ districts.

Enney spoke briefly to a crowd of about fifty people in Paso Robles. He said he never had much interest in politics until his godson died of an overdose. That’s when he decided he needed to get involved. Enney expressed his concern about the dismal academic test scores in the Paso Robles School District. In the current graduating class at Paso Robles High School, only 25% tested proficient in math for their grade level. The other 75% will get their diplomas regardless, he says.School board trustee named 'Hero of the Tax Payer' by taxpayers' association

There was also an award given yesterday called the Golden Fleece Award. The stuffed toy sheep was awarded to the Paso Robles School District for “fleecing” the taxpayers. Most recently, the district spent over $300,000 on an ineffective election to remove Enney from his position as trustee.

The Golden Fleece Award is a new addition to the awards given by the Central Coast Taxpayers Association.


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