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Should your restaurant chairs have cushions? 

When furnishing your restaurant, there are always certain things that one should keep in mind. These factors are the furniture’s looks, price, size, and comfort. All of these are crucial when planning how to furnish your restaurant, but is there one that’s more important than the rest? It’s hard to say, but oftentimes restaurant owners do overlook at least one of these elements, if not more. It can be difficult to keep them all in mind when looking. 

One that is usually the overlooked element is the comfort level. People often get caught up in their budget, which leads them to choose somewhat uncomfortable chairs.  Most of the time cheaper chairs are uncomfortable since they aren’t made from good quality materials and they don’t provide good quality support. One way to possibly avoid the issue of uncomfortable chairs is to look for upholstered, or cushioned restaurant chairs. Not everyone is a fan of cushioned seats though, so if you do buy some, be sure to weigh their pros and cons. 


There are several different variations of cushions that you can use in your restaurant furniture. Cushions are either used on the seat part, the chair’s back, or throughout the whole chair. These are all great options to choose from, but the most common cushioned chair is the booth, which is cushioned throughout the whole piece. Booths are great because they can accommodate more customers than a standard table. Sitting in a comfortable booth is a great way to enjoy your dining experience, as the guests are relaxed the whole time. Booth provide the ultimate cushion because they support your whole body while you’re sitting in them 

The other cushioned chair option is to have either a bottom or back cushion on a stand-alone chair. These are also great because the chair is still supportive and comfortable, with the added bonus of not having to share this cushion with anyone else. In addition to their comfort level, these chairs are also usually very stylish. Having the extra detail of a cushion adds an extra dimension to the interior of your restaurant. 


Despite the advantages of cushioned seats, there are some clear cons to having cushioned restaurant chairs. Like all restaurant furniture, chairs get used a lot, and arguably get the most beat up. People are constantly sitting down and moving around in chairs, making themselves comfortable before they eat. Obviously this happens regardless of the chair, a main con of having cushioned chairs is that the constant wear-and tear makes them lose their appeal. Having old, tattered and worn cushions in your restaurants gives the impression that the customer’s comfort isn’t a priority.

Another negative about cushioned chairs is the level of cushion in the seat. Either way, if the cushion has too much stuffing or not enough, it can be uncomfortable. If there isn’t enough padding, then you’re essentially just sitting on a chair, which can become uncomfortable when you’re in the same place for a while. On the other hand, having too much cushion makes the guest have to constantly readjust to try and find a cozy spot. That doesn’t always happen though, and the cushion remains hard throughout their dining experience. 

It seems like the pros of furnishing with cushioned chairs outweigh the negatives. Even though that’s the case, the negatives are still important and should not be ignored. If you choose to buy cushioned items, be sure to take proper care of them and replace when needed. 

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