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Six Reasons for using a Virtual Classroom Platform 

A virtual classroom software basically is an e-learning platform where the users can learn, communicate, view, and discuss their content through a web-based video call app or software.

This is currently one of the most popular and latest trends in learning and education. Be it an educational institution like a college, school, or a corporate organization. They all want to leverage this software to provide a phenomenal learning experience to their target audience.

Using this tool brings the users and trainers closer. It provides a channel through which they can share information, clear any doubts, take part in discussions, forums, class sessions, or meetings.

Choosing a well-built and feature-loaded virtual classroom software will help you build an effective and engaging learning environment for your organization. 

Features of a Virtual Classroom Software 

Some of the features of virtual classroom software include :

  • Hd Video
  • Chatting
  • Polls and Quizzes
  • Smartphone compatibility 
  • A Recording add-on
  • You can record a session and add it to the LMS automatically for future references

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Software 

Listed below are some advantages of using Virtual Classroom Software:

Face to face and real-time sessions

You can use this software to conduct one-on-one lessons, webinars, or presentations. These enable you to connect with other learners and trainers simultaneously. 

The best thing about using virtual classroom software is that it can simulate an actual classroom session. These features make virtual classroom platforms a better alternative to learning and collaboration.

Embedded in your LMS platform

These web conferencing tools are embedded in your LMS, and you can use them seamlessly to provide an impeccable virtual learning experience. You need to log in to the video-conferencing software through a single sign-on (SSO). 

There is no need to go outside your LMS to start a video conference or share data. You can simply start a learning session from your LMS, and boom; a notification will appear on your video conferencing software account. 

Single Sign-on or SSO

SSO is an acronym for Single Sign-on. This enables you to access your virtual classroom software with just one click from your LMS platform. There is no need to open any external pages.

This paves the way for a simple learning process, both for you and the users. The learners can skip other complicated tasks like remembering two credentials like passwords or usernames. 

Record Live Sessions 

A virtual classroom software lets you broadcast the session in HD. These also allow you to record webinars, sessions, meetings, and presentations in the learning management system. 

You can transfer the data quickly between the two parties through a secure sockets layer, preventing any data leaks. The files are also stored with top-notch infrastructure.

These recorded sessions can be reused for learning purposes, and you can also use them for future references to enhance the learning experience in your organization.

Notifications and Reminders

These software let you quickly set a reminder for any upcoming events. This is done by scheduling notifications through different methods like email and calendar sync.

Also, there are innovative features for notifications like ‘raise the hand’ for the attendees. These features empower them to ask any questions to the trainers. 

Both audio and video notifications are there to be enabled or disabled. This can be done by considering the requirements of the users.

Integrate your E-commerce

Most virtual classroom software can be easily integrated with all popular eCommerce software. This allows you to sell the webinars and recorded sessions online simply and effectively. 

This will make the shopping interface of your eCommerce store clean, interactive, and easy to use.

All this translates to a better user experience. So, selling courses online becomes a cakewalk if you have the correct virtual classroom software.

The Conclusion 

There are many other reasons for using this virtual classroom software. Especially in today’s time, when the world is going through a crisis, and COVID-19 is far from over. These virtual classroom software can be a boon to provide engaging and interactive learning sessions. 

Be it the corporate organizations or the educational institutions; these come in handy for all. With the digital advancements, more and more features are being added to these software. 

These features will only take the eLearning to another level and make learning more fun, easy and enjoyable for all. 

So these are some benefits of using virtual classroom software for your organization. I hope this article did justice in highlighting these advantages. Thank you for reading.




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