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Skill-based slot machines: What are they and how do they work? 

Traditional casinos used to make huge profits on slots and didn’t really do anything to change the game’s evergreen form. They didn’t have to do it because gamblers loved spending hours playing good old slots and hoping to win big based on pure luck.

But times have changed with the rise of the Internet and online casino platforms. Today, skill-based slots are just as popular as traditional games because they attract younger generations of players.

However, the truth is that many gamblers still don’t know much about skill-based slot machines. We want to get you acquainted with the new format and help you figure out what’s it all about. Let’s give it a look!

Skill-Based Slots Explained

The question we hear often is: What are skill-based slot machines?

As a relatively new concept in casino gambling, skill-based slots deserve a proper explanation and our first task is to answer this question. You might have guessed already that the new form of slots adds to the excitement of the game with its skill-oriented approach. The point is that skill-based slot machines don’t rely on pure luck as they allow gamblers to showcase their skills and play the game more successfully in case they have the required know-how.

This turns out to be a crucial feature for young gamblers because they do not consider traditional slot machines to be exciting enough. On the contrary, they want casinos with the first deposit bonuses that help newcomers to enter the game more smoothly. After receiving their first deposit bonus coupons, new gamblers are ready to play the game for days and improve their skills quite quickly. They want slots to add the element of proficiency to the whole gaming experience.

How Does It Work?

Okay, now we all know that skill-based slots include that much-desired prowess nuance, but how does this machine really function? There are two parts of the explanation here.

First of all, you should know that the new format also relies on reels and spins – just like any other type of slot machine. This is the simpler aspect of the game and it demands a fair share of luck if you want to achieve success playing slots.

But the second part of the game is where it gets more interesting. Skill-based slot machines come with bonus rounds where gamblers are supposed to prove they are worthy of the game by displaying a certain kind of skill.

Keep in mind that it depends on a particular game. For example, let’s say you are playing slots with a fighting theme. In this case, you have to win fights against fictional characters in bonus rounds. If your game is outstanding, your odds of winning more money get much higher.

Benefits of a Skill-Based Game

Why does it matter? We all have to ask this question when analyzing skill-based slots and their incredible impact on modern gambling. As it turns out, there’s more than one benefit of playing a game based on skills rather than pure luck.

First of all, you can start from small deposit casinos and hone your slot machine abilities until you are ready to invest more in each spin. This means that your winning chances grow steadily as you keep playing and improving your abilities.

Secondly, skill-based games make the game more interesting as you do not depend solely on luck. Yes, you still have to be lucky enough to win new slots, but only up to a certain point. After that, your odds are growing significantly.

And thirdly, casinos benefit from skill-based slot machines because they are now able to attract younger gamblers. It adds to the overall versatility of an online casino and gives pretty much every player a good entertainment option.

Differences between Traditional and Skill-Based Slots

The basic gambling principles are pretty much the same when it comes to traditional and skill-based slots, but the latter comes with a nice tweak. Let’s explain it here:

  • Traditional slots are based on a Random Number Generator (RNG), a system that generates random numbers with no particular logic whatsoever. In other words, you cannot guess the number in advance and hence the game is based on pure luck. You can play it forever and you still won’t be any nearer to guessing the next combination correctly.
  • Skill-based slots also include an RNG, but there are additional rounds where you can win more by proving your game skills. Bonus rounds add a true gamification element to the equation and make the gaming experience more exciting.


But there is one thing you need to remember here – skills aren’t the only factor that determines the winner. Your gaming prowess can only take you so far and it definitely doesn’t guarantee a win. When it comes to casino gambling, every platform is developed in a way that gives the house the ultimate advantage over a player no matter what.

The Bottom Line

Traditional slots will always remain popular among gamblers, but younger generations demand new features and want their games to be based on knowledge and proficiency rather than pure luck. In such circumstances, online casinos decided to introduce skill-based slot machines that give players a higher level of independence and earning potential. In this post, we discussed:

  • The definition of skill-based slots
  • The benefits of the new approach
  • The way skill-based slot machines function
  • Difference between new and old slots


Both types of slots have their pros and cons, so it all depends on your gambling requirements and playing strategies. Give skill-based slots a try and you will learn whether it suits you or not.


Chris Bell is an online gamer and a member of the Gamblizard editorial team. Chris is a passionate casino player and he knows everything about digital slots. When not gaming or gambling, you can find Chris traveling or running long distances.

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