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Sky-High Immigration Rates All Around the World: How to Keep Up as an Immigrant 

Just this 2021, about 15% of the US population are considered immigrants. This may not seem like a lot, but considering that this is equivalent to more than 50 million people, it’s evident that immigration rates are soon to be deemed sky-high. This can result in issues like large volumes of application times, longer visa processing periods, and an overall more inconvenient application for immigrants.

This being said, how can you prepare and keep up with the continuously rising immigration rates?

Surely, you won’t have to wait for things to be overly hectic before you process every document you need. To get a clearer view, the following sections will walk you through some tasks you need to do to keep up as a fellow immigrant.

  1. Work With Immigration Lawyers

Working with a  US immigration lawyer is probably the best thing that you can do as an immigrant. They will be able to provide you with helpful pieces of advice, especially regarding your travel documents, capabilities as an expat, and the legal policies that you’re tied with.

Keep in mind that being with a so-so or unreliable immigration lawyer will not do you any good. You shouldn’t settle for just anyone just because you can access cheaper rates. Make sure to look into one’s background first in order to land on the most reliable and professional lawyer possible. You should also check the services of Total Law while you’re at it.

  1. Keep Up to Date With International News

Reading and listening to the news can come off boring to some people, but you should at least try to keep updated with the latest happenings, especially if you’re an immigrant.

You should mainly look into international news about immigration, economic trends, currency exchange, and likes. Events like the current movements, happenings, and new amendments are also important to ensure a fruitful life as an immigrant.

For reference, you can view the latest news through television, radio, podcasts, and even social media sites. Social media, most especially, will play the biggest part in covering international affairs.

  1. Renew Travel Documents Regularly

Your passport, visa, and other travel documents usually expire after a certain number of years. Being consistent in renewing them will help you keep up amidst the high immigration rates.

If you ever changed plans in the middle of your stay in the country as an immigrant, you should also update your documents in the process. For instance, if you migrated to the UK, then you should also get the right kind of visa for your needs. This goes the same for any other country out there.

  1. Keep In Touch with Immigration Offices

If you recently applied for a new visa or any travel document, you should highly consider visiting your local immigration office once in a while for updates. Get advice on immigration to obtain assistance from professionals. 

If you don’t have the luxury to travel around, especially if the office is far from your location, then you can always check their websites and social media pages. It’s important to keep in touch with the immigration office since they will play a big part in keeping you up to date with the latest changes, policies, and how the field is currently doing.

  1. Maintain a Stable Source of Livelihood

One of the main keys to keeping your status as an immigrant is to ensure that your whole stay will be stable and issue-free. You can effectively do this by having and maintaining a stable source of livelihood. This can refer to a job, a business, scholarship, or a general sponsorship from a family member.

Basically, you need to ensure that you will be financially supported as an immigrant. This will let you do the necessary tasks like processing your documents, keeping up with large volumes of immigration applications, and maintaining a relationship with your immigration lawyer.


Living a life as an immigrant is usually far from easy. You will need to make regular visits to the immigration office, talk to interviewers and professionals, as well as get legal advice from professionals once in a while. Sometimes, you may even face the struggle of long lines and held documents.

Whichever, you have to be prepared and updated at all times to avoid being caught up in volume-related issues in the long run.

If you want to have a high chance of living an issue-free and convenient life as an expat, make sure that you consider working with immigration lawyers from the start of the application process up to the end. Keeping in touch with them can also help you have a better idea of what you need to do.

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