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Solvang Car Insurance Agent Reports About The Benefits Of Farm Insurance For Small Landowners 

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–Rick Torres, State Farm Insurance agent providing home and car insurance in Solvang, CA reports about the benefits of farm insurance for small landowners. “In many cases, farm and ranch insurance covers things like farm equipment, that car insurance does not,” said Torres.

Not only for landowners, farm and ranch insurance is recommended for people renting or leasing horse property or running any kind of small-scale livestock or agricultural operation. Regardless of whether the insured owns or rents the land, or raises crops or livestock, a ranch/farm insurance policy can be tailored to meet the insurance needs.

Land can be farmed for all kinds of crops, or people can raise livestock, or just keep livestock such as horses on their property. There are quite a few agricultural and animal related business that can be operate on acreage that is under 10 acres, even on an acre.

Aside from living on the acreage and keeping a garden, chickens, maybe some goats and horses for personal family use, some popular agricultural uses for small acreage include:

  • Raising goats for milk and cheese
  • Raising chickens and selling the eggs
  • “Truck farm” gardening and selling fruit and vegetables at local farmer’s markets
  • Raising animals for 4-H and FFA
  • Keeping personal horses and other livestock for pets
  • Raising small herds of animals for market
  • Letting friends keep horses on the property
  • Boarding or training horses

These are only a few of the more common uses people find for their land. Along with the uses comes the need for equipment like tractors, trailers, barns, sheds for housing the animals and their feed and other special equipment. While homeowner’s insurance covers your home and personal autos are protected by car insurance, Solvang insurance agent Torres believes it is important to know what other kinds of insurance are necessary and the options that are available.

For example, a family living on an acre of land that is unused except for a small garden and some chickens, might be able to have a small garden tractor and the shed it is stored in covered by the homeowner’s or renter’s policy. But, if the family has a pet pig, or some goats, or a horse or two, their insurance needs are going to change. Pigs, goats and horses, no matter how much a part of the family, create a different kind of risk than the family dog.

It is important for small landowners and renters to discuss their situations with their insurance agent. No one wants to be under insured, but paying for different policies to cover different things is costly and confusing. It is possible to get broad and flexible coverage that will cover home, cars, livestock, equipment, crops, and farm and ranch buildings and that meets both personal and business needs..

Before turning the back acre into an organic garden for selling at the farmer’s market, or starting the egg or goat cheese business that has been a long time dream, contact Rick Torres for advice about the best insurance for all your needs. If you are already in business, or looking for a policy for liability coverage for the kid’s horses, contact Rick Torres, the State Farm Agent in Solvang, CA.

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