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Stuck at Home? How to Kill the Boredom 

Spending time at home does not have to be dull. There are things you can do to kill the boredom that does not include learning a new language or starting out on a years-long degree but focus more on having a good time. Time at home means that you can still find some great entertainment from around the world to include movies and podcasts, games, live streams and some creative ideas that you are unlikely to have considered.

Live stream entertainment

Forget Netflix and Amazon Prime and check out live-stream events from around the world.  From the Royal Opera House in London to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, search out unique events that open up a whole new world that was never available before 2020. Choose from plays by contemporary writers, listen and learn about music from all genres, listen to talks by the best minds on the planet, exhibitions from world-class museums and galleries and other online events around the world.

Gaming online

If you enjoyed nights out at a brick-and-mortar casino in the past, consider one of the many online casinos that offer a variety of games, with demo sites so you can test your strategy before playing for real money. Many online casinos allow players to communicate directly with dealers during live baccarat and other games like roulette and games of Bingo are also available with live chatrooms for players to socialise.

Travel with virtual reality

When stuck at home, one of the biggest challenges is the sadness of missing out on day trips, city breaks and longer vacations. Many tourist boards around the world have plugged that gap in tourism by creating VR videos that explore the local area offering 360-degree views including Japan’s sakura festivals or take a tour of Angel Island Immigration Centre in the US, a place that has a fascinating social history but rarely appears on a vacation itinerary.

Try a completely new genre of reading

Most people who love to read will stay within a specific genre or two, whether it is classics or contemporary fiction or works by a particular crime, romance, chick-lit or horror writer. If you have never tried reading a sci-fi novel, give it a try and you may find an amazing escape from the real world. Science fiction is not all spaceships and space battles but is full of stories that talk about the present and where we could be in the future.

Get cooking

Being stuck at home feels like all creativity has been stifled. One way to push past this feeling is to experiment with the meals you prepare. With money saved from not going out, try new recipes that take you back to your favourite vacation cafes and restaurants. With online videos taking you through the process step-by-step, you can add sourdough bread or Fattoush to your culinary repertoire and a new way to enjoy time in the kitchen.

Return to video games

For those heading into the third decade of life, video games are likely to have been a large part of life when younger. Enjoy playing games again, starting with a game that has an emotional attachment. This can lead you to similar games that you know you will enjoy even before you start playing. You can play multiplayer games or join an online forum that will help you enjoy playing even more.

Dance as no one is watching

A popular childhood dream is to be a dancer, whether hip-hop, ballet, ballroom, contemporary or other. Many of us may have been unable to follow such dreams but thanks to the events of 2020 there are now a vast number of classes online including beginner cases through to advanced lessons and masterclasses. For those keen on ballet, the prestigious English National Ballet offers BalletActive that will have you pirouetting in no time at all.


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