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Take a picturesque drive to organic farmstand 

Farmstand Paso Robles

Manzanita Manor Organics farmstand feature raw walnuts, fair trade chocolate-covered walnuts & walnut oil

Driving along the picturesque countryside of Paso Robles known as the Adelaida Foothills, one may notice a rustic, hand-painted sign pointing visitors to a nearby organic farmstand. Follow that sign and just down the road away sits a quaint farmstand, Manzanita Manor Organics, located on the corner of Adelaida and Hidden Mountain roads.

Open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk, the farmstand features products from Manzanita Manor Organics, a dry-farmed organic walnut orchard and organic vineyard that grows quality walnuts and superb wine grapes. Since 1992, Cynthia Douglas and Jutta Thoerner have owned and operated Manzanita Manor, situated in the Adelaida foothills.

Fair trade dark chocolate walnuts

Crafted by local artisan chocolatier, Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates of San Luis Obispo, using walnuts from Manzanita Manor Organics and 70% dark Fair Trade organic chocolate selected after extensive tastings and pairings – these treats are irresistible.

“Because we would like to believe that chocolate is one of the essential food groups, we added a chocolate covered walnut product for our customers,” says Jutta. “The combination is delicious. Treat yourself or a loved one to this great combo.” Jutta adds a word of caution, saying the dark chocolate covered walnuts very well may become “habit-forming.” Try this delectable delight alongside the 2 Horse Vineyard 2010 Organic Dessert Wine.

Organic dessert wine

Manzanita Manor Organics’ wine label, 2 Horse Vineyard, is a true labor of love, according to Cynthia. Located outside of Santa Margarita, the small vineyard that produces the fruit for the wine is surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest. Hot days and cold nights, climate and soil provide the stress for the vine to produce small berries.

“The result is a perfect ratio of skin to berry which is a must have for the base of an excellent wine,” says Cynthia.

The award-winning 2 Horse Vineyard port-style organic dessert wine, crafted from Estate Portuguese grapes, is certified by the USDA and CCOF. Customers rave about the wine, with comments ranging from “smooth, balanced, chocolate and berries” to “cherry, not too sweet” and, perhaps the frequently overheard declaration of “yummy!”

“It is a great choice as an after-dinner wine,” adds Cynthia. “It’s organic, vegan and delicious.”

Health benefits of walnuts

Walnuts are one of the oldest foods consumed by humans. Extensive studies have proclaimed shelled walnuts to be one of the top ten “super foods” with the highest concentration of antioxidants compared to all other nuts, also beating out cranberries and blueberries. “Consume just an ounce or two of raw walnuts per day and improve your health,” says Jutta. And the benefits of walnut oil are just as impressive. All of those benefits are concentrated in Manzanita Manor Organics’ first press, cold press estate and 100 percent organic walnut oil. In fact, walnut oil contains up to 73% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, among which 10% are Omega-3-fatty acids. These are considered essential to maintenance of health – just ask Dr. Oz!

Want to add this super food and antioxidant to your everyday eating habits? Cynthia and Jutta compiled the list below to help their customers find ways to enjoy walnuts and walnut oil.

• Mix with yogurt & add to oatmeal
• Great topping for sautéed vegetables & on grilled fish or chicken
• Use as topping for salads, on cheese platters and in quiche
• Add to sauces – great in pesto
• Mix in with grains, rice, breads, crusts and stuffing
• Add to cookies and pies – yummy on ice cream

Visit for recipes and more information on the health benefits of walnuts. To sample and purchase products, visit the Manzanita Manor Organics Farmstand at the corner of Adelaida and Hidden Mountain Road, open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk or through their website at Products are also available at fine restaurants and stores throughout San Luis Obispo County and in select locations in southern and northern California. Find a location near you on the above-mentioned web link.

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