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Templeton Area Advisory Group committee to review cannabis project 

–The Templeton Area Advisory Group Cannabis Review Committee will be reviewing a proposed project at their upcoming meeting on Sept. 24 at 6 p.m. The purpose of the committee’s review of this project is to develop comments and recommendations approving or denying approval of the project. The committee’s recommendations will be submitted to TAAG’s full board for submission to the county. There will also be a public comment period for members of the public who wish to speak on any topic not on the agenda.

The TAAG Cannabis Project Review Committee Members are:

  • Murray Powell – TAAG Vice Chair and Committee Chair
  • Kristen Gemeny – TAAG Board Member
  • Don Potts – TAAG Board Member
  • Jon DeMoralis – TAAG Board Member and Committee Alternate


This meeting will be held remotely through the Zoom teleconferencing website system. To join the meeting by computer, go to and enter the meeting ID number:71130571681. To join the Zoom meeting by either cell or landline telephone (audio only) DIAL 415-762-9988 and enter the meeting ID code: 71130571681#.

The committee will consider the following agenda items:

1. Public comment period:
Members of the public who wish to speak on any topic not on the agenda that is within the purview of the TAAG CPRC Committee may speak when being recognized by the chair. Please state your name (and representation, if any) for the record, and limit your comments to three (3) minutes. Per TAAG’s bylaws, no action will be taken on items not on the agenda, though board members may ask questions of the speaker.

2. Review of proposed cannabis project No. DRC2019-00042 known as Copper Creek Farm LLC. This a Minor Use Permit application submitted to establish a phased cannabis cultivation operation comprised of the following cannabis activities:

– 3.75 acres of outdoor mature cannabis cultivation area (130,680 SF of maximum allowed cannabis canopy area).
– A maximum allowed 22,000 SF of indoor mixed-light cannabis cultivation canopy in seven new greenhouse structures
– 5,000 SF of ancillary nursery cannabis cultivation canopy for use only onsite in a new 5,000 SF structure – An ancillary indoor processing (trimming, drying, packaging) of cannabis grown and harvested onsite in a new 3,000 SF structure.

The project site is located at 2200 Neal Springs Road, approximately 2.5 miles east of the Templeton Urban Reserve Line. This project is located outside, but near, TAAG’s designated boundary line. It is TAAG’s policy to review proposed projects outside TAAG defined boundary lines if such projects may negatively impact the Templeton community and its residents. This project was not referred to TAAG for review and was scheduled for a Planning Department Minor Land Use Permit approval hearing on Sept. 4, which was canceled and rescheduled to Oct. 16. The purpose of the committee’s review of this project is to develop comments and recommendations approving or denying approval of the project. The committee’s recommendations will be submitted to TAAG’s full board for submission to the county.

3. The committee will consider developing recommendations regarding proposed SLO County cannabis ordinance amendments to SLO County Title 22 Chapter 22.40 – Cannabis Activities. The SLO County Board of Supervisors (BOS) will be considering certain proposed amendments at its scheduled Oct. 6 board hearing. The BOS heard this matter on Aug. 18, and eight proposed amendments were not approved due to a 2 -2 tie vote by the four-member board. However, an edited “redlined” 53 page draft of comprised of approximately 100 proposed amendments was published for public review and comments and was submitted as a hearing record for consideration during the BOS Aug. 18 hearing. Other than the 8 amendment items not approved on Aug. 18, all additional proposed amendments presented on the 53 page edited Chapter 22.40 ordinance draft were not voted on by the board. The County Planning Department publicly noticed a proposed edited amended version of the chapters for review. The complete 53 page “redlined” copy of this edit proposed draft can be viewed at the following weblink:

The public is encouraged to attend via Zoom or by the Zoom system conference call-in option and offer their opinions and comments concerning matters considered by the TAAG board and committees.

If you wish to present oral or written comments, please observe the following guidelines:

1. The meeting will be held remotely through Zoom teleconferencing due to the state restrictions that prevent the conduct of public meetings and hearings with the public in physical attendance within hearing rooms.
2. Please clearly identify yourself each time you speak during a Zoom teleconference.
3. Identify yourself by your full name (and representation, if any) for our minutes, and speak so other attendees will have the opportunity to listen to the comments.
4. Address your comments to the chair. Conversation or debate between a speaker and a member of the audience is not permitted. Every member of the public will be allowed to speak.
5. Oral comments should be brief and to the point. Your comments should be about issues, and not about any individuals involved. Please do not interrupt a speaker during that person’s comments.
6. Public oral comment is generally limited to three minutes per individual unless the chair permits otherwise.
7. Please – no audience reaction during or after comments.
8. Written comments (letter, e-mail, etc.) is acceptable, but should be distributed to TAAG members at least two days before the meeting. Written comments will be read during the public comment hearing period. Please forward written comments to Committee Chairperson Murray Powell’s email address
9. Once the public comment portion of the meeting is closed, there will be no further public oral comments unless requested of and permitted by the chair.



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