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The Best MLB Teams and Players Ranked 

Who are the best teams and players going into the 2021 MLB season? Read on to find out

The 2021 MLB season is around the corner, and pundits, experts and fans alike have already decided who will be the top performing teams and players, with Spring Training about to wrap up.

This post will go through who to look out for, who you should put your money on to get to the World Series, as well as which players can be the gamechangers for some teams that may not be on anyone’s radar right now.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The team that is obviously coming into this season with the most momentum is the World Series champions, the Dodgers. While some in the team will say it’s “just a trophy” and that they need to focus on the future, winning that series changes a team for the better.

Their team rotation is also just mind-blowing. Their pitching staff rotation is going to be something to behold, and with two MVP candidates in Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger, as well as a team absolutely stacked with All-star talent, the Dodgers are looking unstoppable. Let’s not even mention the fact that they still have time to add more talent.

Image Credit: Dodgers Way

San Diego Padres

Another team that is looking to leave their mark on this season, as well as being a team that can go all the way, is the Padres. Their core player base has come together very quickly, with the additions of Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, and John Musgrove adding a level of stability that most teams would be envious of.

The rest of the team is nothing to sneer at either. Trench Grisham is joining MVP candidate Fernando Tatis Jr, as well as Manny Machado. Their batting potential is deep as well, Ha-Seong Kim, Austin Nola, Tommy Pham, and Jake Croneworth. If the Dodgers are the favorites, then the Padre’s are shaping up to be their biggest competition.

Atlanta Braves

A team that may have gone under the radar just because of the lack of movement with regards to getting new talent, the Braves have most definitely put themselves in a position to get all the way to the World Series this season.

They did add Charlie Morton as a number 2 starter, but how can you say a team that has Ronald Acuna Jr, Freddie Freeman, Marcell Ozuna and Ozzie Albies doesn’t have a shot at the World Series? If this team goes relatively injury-free, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

New York Yankees

A team that disappointed in the play-offs again, the Yankees still have the talent to get to the World Series, and not only get to it, but even possibly win it. Their lineup is packed with serious talent, with the likes of DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Judge being potential MVP candidates.

The one issue that has already hampered the Yankees is injuries. Spring training hasn’t gone well so far for the Yanks, with Zach Britton being sidelined for multiple weeks. Most can agree though that if the Yankees get to the point of being injury-free, they can be the best team in the league.

Fernando Tatis Jr.

Obviously, the 14-year contract, $340 million man is one to watch this season. When did someone last do the amount of damage Tatis did in his first season. In 143 games and 629 plate appearances, he hit 39 homers, stole 27 bases, and 8 triples. Insane numbers for a player who only just turned 22.

Image Credit: Keeton Gale

Ronald Acuna Jr.

Much like Tatis Jr. of course young Ron Jr. is going to be on this list as well. For a 23-year-old, Acuna Jr/ has established himself as an incredible outfielder, as well as a terror with a bat in hand. 14 home-runs in 46 games, as well as posting a .250/.406/.581.

Juan Soto

Juan Soto has put himself in a position to be the best batter in the 2021 season. Many compare him to Ted Williams, while Williams hit .344/.442/.594 when he was 21, with Soto hitting .351/.490/.695. The comparisons are warranted, and Soto will almost definitely prove to be the deadliest with a bat in hand this season.

Mookie Betts

People knew Mookie Betts was good, but no one could have predicted how good he really is. He is sharp in defense, he works counts like a seasoned vet, the ball flies off his bat like it’s made of rubber, and he can run bases with his eyes closed. He is the definition of a Jack of all trades, and a master of all of them.

Mike Trout

Coming off his worst season since his debut, Mike Trout had some of his worst batting percentages, as well as only stealing one base. Trout has already put himself in the driving seat to be ranked up there with Babe Ruth, but no one is stealing his throne anytime soon, it’s just going to be another season of the Trout Show.

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This season is once again shaping up to be incredible, with multiple teams and players already looking like they can dominate the season. All we can do is set back and see who will be in the season finale.

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