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The five hottest healthcare jobs for 2021 and beyond 

–The healthcare industry is always changing. With advancements in technology and medicine come opportunities for exciting new careers in healthcare. Keep reading to learn about the five hottest healthcare jobs for 2021 and beyond.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants work with occupational therapists to help patients regain fine motor skills. Becoming an occupational therapy assistant requires at least two years of relevant college education. Different states have certain requirements for becoming an occupational therapy assistant, and many require you to earn a license by passing an exam and meeting fieldwork requirements.

As an occupational therapy assistant, you can expect to find employment in nursing homes and hospitals. Because of the aging population, the need for assistants is expected to grow as more people will suffer from conditions or injuries requiring occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy assistants must also complete additional certification — all occupational therapy assistants must be certified in CPR and basic life support (BLS). On average, in return for the hard work required to work as occupational therapy assistants, they can expect to earn around $61,000 per year.


Internists work mainly with adult patients to non-surgically treat illnesses affecting internal organs. Common illnesses treated by internists include diabetes, certain types of cancer, and respiratory issues. Becoming an internist requires a high level of education, and prospective internists will need to take the MCAT before enrolling in medical school, which can be costly and time consuming. As such, it’s always a good idea to enroll in an online MCAT prep course from Blueprint to streamline your studies and score high on the test. Then, after graduating and completing residencies, you will need to earn a license to practice internal medicine in your state.

All of the education requirements for internists pay off when you consider their higher-than-average salaries. Internists can expect to earn around $195,000 per year and are in high-demand — you will have no problems finding a well-paying job as an internist.

Health Information Manager

Health information managers work on the business-end of the medical field and often work in hospitals to ensure that data meets legal, ethical, and medical standards. Health information managers also work with patient files to analyze and collect important data.

Becoming a health information manager requires at least a bachelor’s degree, but you can enter the field as a health information technician with only a 2-year degree. You can also find programs that allow you to work as a technician while you are in school to earn a 4-year degree.

With the growth of technology in the medical field, health information managers are more important than ever. The demand for health information managers is expected to grow because of an aging population that requires increasingly more medical attention. The importance of health information managers is reflected in their average yearly salary of $100,000.

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work under the supervision of doctors to provide treatment to patients. The duties of a physician assistant are generally the same as a doctor, except assistants are not licensed to perform surgery. In most cases, assistants will complete basic medical examinations, develop treatment plans with patients, and perform simple medical procedures.

While becoming a physician assistant requires less education than becoming a doctor, you will still need to attend medical school. Prospective physician assistants will need to take the MCAT and earn a relevant master’s degree. Many assistants begin their careers as registered nurses or EMTs.

The hard work and dedication required to become a physician assistant pays off when you consider their salary. Physician assistants make more than $100,000 per year on average — nearly as much as the doctors supervising them.

Physician assistants are also in increasingly high demand because of the desire to see doctors outside of hospitals. Physician assistants typically work in private practices or clinics and can accommodate patients who are uncomfortable in a hospital environment. As a physician assistant, you can also find employment opportunities in schools, prisons, and home healthcare agencies.

Genetic Counselor

Genetic counselors work with patients to understand, diagnose, and provide treatment for genetic disorders. To become a genetic counselor, you will need to pass the MCAT, complete medical school, and become licensed in the state where you want to practice. Each state has different requirements for licensure. Genetic counselors can expect to earn around $70,000 per year in return for the investment in their education.

Genetic counselors are expected to be in high demand in the coming years because of advances in medical technology. As our understanding of genetics increases, genetics experts plan to personalize medical treatments to each patient. If you want to be at the forefront of medical research, then becoming a genetic counselor is the best option.

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