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Things to Do in Paso Robles in May to Lighten Up Your Mood 


This city offers a variety of recreational and educational activities that will allow you to get an immersive experience. Although the city enjoys a year-round warm climate, it is still much more pleasant after the rainy months to finally spend more time outdoors having active weekends, or attending various recreational activities to brighten up everyday life.

You can go for walks on your own to explore the city, famous for its large number of wineries. If you know where to look, you can also stumble upon the depleted remains of mines that were full of mercury, which was used to make precious metals. Precious metals occupy an important place in the life of the population and residents are actively investing in the purchase of precious bars, coins, and jewelry, which can be purchased on the site, as a long-term investment.

The city offers a lot of events that will appeal to many and in May there will be many interesting events that you will want to visit.


Wine occupies one of the leading roles in the life of the city. Making wine is not the easiest process and there are many amazing details. If you want to learn more about vineyards and wine production, then you should join the online event, each time dedicated to a different topic. The event takes place every week and is a chance to connect with the tight-knit wine community, whose guests act as experts in the field. This is a great chance to learn about what is happening in the cellars, how experts take care of the vineyards, and much more.


What could be better than spending the evening with a glass of Paso Pinot and paella, accompanied by wonderful live music. It looks like the perfect evening to spend with friends and family after a hard day at work. However, this is not only an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant dinner but also a chance to talk with experts from wineries that create fine wine.

Local chefs will offer a lot of creative dishes that will pair perfectly with wine. The prepared dishes will be made from fresh products provided by local farmers.


If you are interested in outdoor activities, then you can get to the first disc golf tournament. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about it, because both beginners and experienced players can take part in this tournament. Even if you fail to take prizes, this is not a reason to be upset, because pleasant surprises and entertaining draws await everyone. At the end of the tournament at the awards ceremony, everyone will have a wonderful dinner accompanied by live music.


Everyone knows that cheese goes well with wine, but not everyone knows how cheese is made. A local family, which runs a goat farm and cheese-making business, offers everyone the opportunity to have a tremendous experience and learn all about the family business. At the same time, it will not only be a story about how cheese is made from the moment the goats are raised until the cheese hits the dinner table, but you will also get a first-hand experience.

First, morning coffee awaits you, and after that, you can see how specialists milk goats, and you can even try it yourself. In addition, an exciting trip is expected for you, during which you will get to know the animals of the farm, not only goats but also alpacas, as well as bellied pigs.


Paso Robles offers a huge variety of activities that will be of interest not only to tourists but also to locals. In May, everyone can learn all about the wine-making process, enjoy the creative ways of making paella from local chefs, engage in outdoor activities, and attend a goat cheese-making workshop for a unique experience.


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