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Thousand Oaks Insurance Agent Releases ‘How Your Insurance Agent Helps with Investments and Retirement Planning’ 

Thousand Oaks insurance

Thousand Oaks insurance agent summarizes retirement and investment options.

-Many people already know that the right kind life insurance can be an investment tool, helping plan for college expenses, loss of income and even retirement, but how many know the other investment options that are available from your local Thousand Oaks insurance agent? Cary Runnels from Thousand Oaks State Farm Agency has prepared a summary of the available investment and retirement planning tools.

Putting life insurance at the top of the list for planning for the future is an important strategy because the right policy helps secure a family’s, even a single person’s, future. Meeting with an insurance agent from the Cary Runnells Thousand Oaks State Farm Agency to review the available investment and retirement planning resources is another important step to future security.

In addition to life insurance, the available services and products include:

  • Retirement plans, IRAs and 401ks: Whether self-employed or working at a job, there is no time like now to start retirement planning. The first thing to do is to discuss retirement goals, review current IRAs and 401ks, and savings plans. Other factors that can impact the status of retirement plans including rolling over your 401k if you change employers, or leave work to start your own business.
  • State Farm Investment Planning Services include information about the leading mutual funds and annuities that are going to give you the most benefit for both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Other investment products include mutual funds and annuities. Learn how to leverage these plans to your best future advantage.
  • Are you looking for education savings plans for children or grandchildren? College is expensive and paying for it can seem challenging. The agents at the Thousand Oaks State Farm Insurance agency can explain the options for planning and saving and then tailor the right plan.
  • Banking is an every day need for personal and business needs. Comprehensive banking services also provide a platform for the future. By combining banking, retirement planning, investment products, insurance and savings, State Farm is able to tailor flexible packages that meet a variety of personal and business needs.

Investments, retirement planning, education funds and life insurance are all part of critical estate planning for providing for the future. The advantage with working with your Thousand Oaks insurance agency is that all of your business and personal insurance needs, investment services and retirement planning can be met by a comprehensive package of products. Rather than juggling between banks, investment brokers and insurance agencies, Cary Runnels and the registered agents at the Thousand Oaks insurance agency are able to bring clients together with strong planning and products in a “one-stop-shopping” environment.

The advantages include:

  • A single resource where your plans and goals are customized and understood.
  • One person to consult when needs change, eliminating the need to check then double-check multiple sources.
  • Periodic reviews with one person to evaluate your insurance, investments, goals and plans to make sure all of the products are working to your benefit.
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing a team is looking out for your, your family’s, and your business’s best interest.



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