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It’s time for a motocross park in Paso Robles 

Opinion of Andrea Garcia

Motorcross Paso Robles

Photo from Andrea Garcia.

Ok, I’m going to flat out start something that I hope will get out to not only Paso Robles, but all of San Luis Obispo County!

I am an avid Motocross rider. I am not a thug, problem causing kid, or low life trying to cause havoc. I am a professional woman who enjoys the hobby of riding motocross. I have lived in Templeton my whole life, and it’s about time the county of San Luis Obispo, or may I say it Paso Robles sponsor and endorse a motocross track where responsible people like myself can go and have a good safe/legal time with friends and family!

I travel often two hours or more to ride at a track that is legal, and legitimate. These tracks are often such like those of Porterville Ohv Mx Track and Tulare Mx Cycle Park. What gets me is these tracks are owned and managed professionally and the country allows them to operate and function allowing people like myself to come and enjoy our hobby.

Paso Robles has a reputation for people often complaining about motocross riders disrupting neighborhoods, destroying plant life, and often trespassing. Why won’t they take this into consideration and look at a movement forward rather than back? Why not build a legal motocross park/track for these people to go and enjoy?

It would not only bring the chaos of the so called “havoc we cause” down and be a productive development for the city, but also bring money for the city, and allow people like myself who love this hobby to be able to enjoy it in our own community and promote positive awareness of responsible motocross riders?

What do you say Paso Robles or San Luis Obispo County? Lets get this ball rolling! I know there is so….many more people out there in our community that will support this! Please comment and share!

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