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Top 4 Reasons to Have 1 on 1 Golf Instruction 

Top 4 Reasons to Have 1 on 1 Golf Instruction

If you are new to the game of golf or even a seasoned veteran, one of the best investments you can make in your development as a golfer is getting 1 on 1 instruction from a PGA teaching professional. Everyone needs a mentor to reach their fullest potential and the game of golf is no different. Here are the top four reasons to invest in 1 on 1 golf instruction.

1. Quality Instruction Helps You Learn the Proper Golf Swing

So many people start out in golf and try to teach themselves how to swing correctly. This usually leads to hours of frustration on the practice range. The problem with attempting to teach yourself is that you can’t see yourself swing. This means that you won’t be able to spot any swing flaws that could limit your potential as a golfer.

A teaching pro will help you master the basic fundamentals of the golf swing and act as an invaluable second set of eyes. No one is better at teaching the proper mechanics of the golf swing than the staff at Bird Golf Academy. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your swing will improve with a knowledgeable golf instructor to guide you. Many new golfers shave as many as ten strokes off their handicaps after only three days of instruction at Bird Golf Academy! It’s hard to argue with that level of success.

2. 1 on 1 Golf Instruction Builds Confidence

It’s intimidating to start any new activity, so having a golf teaching professional by your side will help show you the ropes. When you work with a professional golf instructor, your confidence will increase with each passing practice session. You will no longer have to wonder if you are doing anything wrong in your swing because your instructor will be there to correct any flaws.

So much of playing your best golf comes down to mastering the mental side of the game. Getting superior instruction from the experienced staff at Bird Golf Academy can help you remain confident in your swing during even the tough rounds on the course. When your swing gets a little off during a bad round, your instructor can help you correct the issues during your next 1 on 1 practice session.

3. Reach Your Fullest Potential

A trusty PGA teaching pro can help you reach your fullest potential as a golfer. Most golf instructors have been working on their craft for many decades and know the game inside and out. In fact, the 16 PGA teaching pros at Bird Golf Academy have over 350 years of golf experience combined! Why struggle for years on your own when you can soak up helpful knowledge from a pro to improve your game?

There’s a reason why so many PGA Tour players still rely on 1 on 1 instruction. It’s because the pros know that having a good instructor on their team is one of the biggest keys to reaching their potential.

4. Golf Will Be More Enjoyable

Let’s be honest. Golf is simply more fun when you are playing well. There’s nothing better than beating your friends during your next round or winning an award at your company’s annual golf outing for the longest drive.

The game of golf works in cycles. Quality 1 on 1 instruction will lead to proper swing fundamentals and an increased confidence level. Sound fundamentals and a high amount of confidence will lead to lower scores and a more enjoyable experience.

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