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Top 6 best destinations for an amazing massage experience 


We are all exposed to lots of stress, and we need to find ways of coping with it. There are a lot of different options for any taste. Some people go for yoga classes, some find their refuge in extreme sports.

Massage is one of the best ideas to spend an hour completely relaxed with great benefits for your body and soul. There are many different kinds of massage including very peculiar national traditions such as Ukraine massage or oriental massage. This is a perfect idea for anybody, regardless of their age or gender. You can also find all sorts of massage services almost everywhere – from big cities to the remote and quiet wellness destinations.

Here are our ideas of where to go for the best massage experience.

1.   Dubai

The booming city in the UAE is a famous destination for all kinds of careerists and professionals. It is also one of the wealthiest places in the Middle East, which makes Dubai the perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience oriental culture in comfort. Arabic culture has a great wellness tradition with its famous baths and massage is an important part of it. Dubai is one of the leading destinations for wellness, and your massage experience there will be great.

2.   Thailand

Thailand is another country famous for its own distinctive massage tradition. This country is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its beautiful beaches and all-year-round very warm weather. There are many different forms and variations of massage offered here, and you can always expect a professional service with a great view over a picturesque ocean.

3.   Turkey

Turkey is another very good example of a country with a great oriental wellness tradition. This country is famous for its hammams, the bathhouses which can offer so much more than just bathing. Massage would be another very lucrative extra while visiting a Turkish bathhouse. The local professionals would use unique techniques and oils, and you get your massage experience in a combination with bathing in a historical environment richly decorated with amazing oriental motives.

4.   Bali

Depending on where you read this entry Bali may seem as either a very remote or a very close destination. However, this small island in Indonesia is well known for its sandy beaches, warm climate, and fascinating local culture. A broad menu of wellness services on Bali is another highlight which would attract many people. Massage in Bali goes hand in hand with multiple spa procedures, and it will be an unforgettable experience.

5.   Kerala

A relatively small state in the south of India has gained a reputation of one the most beloved tourist destinations. Warm weather and beautiful beaches make a perfect magnet for lots of people. The Indian wellness practices including spa and massage make this destination even more interesting. One of the clearest advantages of Kerala is that this destination is perfect for people who travel on budget.

6.   Budapest

It’s difficult to imagine how a city in the middle of Europe could ever compete with already mentioned destinations in terms of wellness experience. The capital of Hungary however is worth considering by anybody who is looking for a great massage and wellness. The city has a long history of bathhouses which goes back to Roman times. Numerous spa and wellness resorts of Budapest today will offer you a great treatment for your body and soul.

Final words

This list is certainly far from being complete. Massage is a very diverse but also popular practice, so wherever you are now, there is a big chance of finding an original and relaxing massage service which would work perfectly for you.

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