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Travel Europe by Train: 1 Week Itinerary 

Travel Europe by Train: 1 Week Itinerary

There are plenty of ways to ensure that you have the best Eurotrip ever! However, seeing as much as possible is always a solid guarantee. In one week, you can visit up to five countries if you are ambitious enough, but for now, let’s stick with four! 

Four beautiful gems, impeccable in their culture and historical background, perfectly laid out for your one-week itinerary. So, let’s check it! 

Days 1-2: Belgium 

While many think you can only travel comfortably within the central part of Europe on your one-week trip, that is simply not true! Start with Belgium and see where that takes you. 

  • Day 1

Start with exploring its beautiful capital city, Brussels. With numerous iconic sites, clean cityscape, and lavish culture, Brussels is regarded as one of the top cities in Europe. 

See the Grand Place, a signature central square adorned with a 15th-century City Hall, six guild halls, and other historical establishments in the background. It is the main part of the city and the liveliest, most well-known corner! 

We also suggest walking to the Notre Dame du Sablon, a monumental 14th-century Gothic cathedral with intricate architecture and distinctive traits of the Baroque architectural style. The church is active, so if you would like, you can even catch a mass! 

  • Day 2

Take a quick bus to Bruges, yet another iconic Belgian city! There is plenty for you to see here, including multiple museums, landmark cafes, tapestries, and parks. But here are a couple of essentials. 

See the Quay of the Rosary, the most gorgeous site here! Set at the confluence of two main canals, the area is surrounded by Gothic buildings and charming houses. If you have the time, consider taking a boat tour. 

You could also climb up the Belfry of Bruges, a striking medieval tower that is an inseparable part of the cityscape! Not only will it be an exciting trip up the medieval stairs, but it will inevitably allow you an insight into the most beautiful panoramic sights! 

Days 3-4: France

Wait no more and check out the packages for group or private tours to France because this might just be the most exciting two days of your life! 

  • Days 1 and 2

First things first, we suggest spending both days in Paris, as there is an obscene amount of stuff to see! However, these are only our recommendations, so please remember that with the help of France trains, you can reach any other lovely city, town, or village here. For now, onto Paris! 

If you are coming here for the first time, we highly recommend hitting all of the essentials. But, yes, it will be crowded and loud, and you might even think to yourself – why not try something off the beaten path? 

However, if you really want to know what Paris is really all about, you simply must see its signature spots, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. Speaking of, depending on how you plan your time by the hour, it might take you a bit too long to wait in line for the Louvre. No worries, though; you can swap it for Musee d’Orsay, another iconic display of the genius French mind. 

Of course, you should also see Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, and the magnificent Notre Dame de Paris. Unfortunately, the latter is still under construction after the devastating fire in 2019, but nothing can take away its beauty and meaning! 

Days 5-7: Bavaria and Austria

To finish off strongly, we suggest taking the train to the Austrian/Germanic region, with Bavaria as your first stop. 

  • Day 1 

Before waving off to Austria, you could spend a whole day in Munich, Bavaria’s capital city! 

The first essential on the list is the gorgeous Marienplatz Square – a monumental site crucial for every visitor. Swimming with marketplaces, churches, pubs, and restaurants, Marienplatz is the it place in Munich, so why not be a part of it, if only for the day?

If you want to buy something authentically Bavarian, head to Viktualienmarkt, the top marketplace in the city, full of all commodities! Whether it is a souvenir or some local food you are looking for – Viktualienmarkt will have it. 

  • Day 2

Now, take a train from Munich to Salzburg and get ready to explore Europe’s most shiny gem – Austria! 

Start with Salzburg, and visit their most iconic architectural establishment, Fortress Hohensalzburg. The original castle was built in the 11th century, and while many renovations were made since then, most of what you will see still dates back to that time! 

You should also take the time to explore Salzburg’s Old Town or Altstadt Salzburg. See the monumental buildings, perfectly-preserved houses, and charming narrow streets! 

  • Day 3

As the last city on your list, Vienna deserves your undivided attention and all determination you can muster after a long week of travels! 

The capital and most significant city in Austria, Vienna, can easily be called Europe’s cultural center. With numerous palaces and castles, high-art museums, and elegant architecture, it is every traveler’s dream, even if only for the day. 

You must see the Schonnbrun Palace, a gorgeous 18th-century Baroque palace with an impeccable exterior and rich gardens! 

For some more history, see the famous Hofburg, which has been the seat of the Habsburgs for more than six centuries. Hofburg is probably the most important historical landmark for Austrians, so it is essential for you to see as well! 

Remember to purchase as much as possible beforehand to ensure availability and reasonable prices! It will take a lot of planning, but with our itinerary as a guide, you can surely make this the best vacation ever. So, get to work and off to a European adventure! 


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