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Update from the City of Paso Robles: Clarifying differences in START Guide and State’s ‘Phase 2’ re-opening 

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–The City of Paso Robles posted the following update regarding the differences in the State’s “Phase 2” of reopening and the “Phase 1” of the San Luis Obispo County’s START Guide:

Starting Friday, the state plans to allow retail businesses to have modified openings only with curbside pickup and delivery (no in-store shopping), as well as the associated logistics and manufacturing related to retail. It’s not clear if our county will be allowed to do anything beyond that on Friday. The START Guide phased reopening framework the county released on Friday represents what our county wants to do moving forward, but the state’s plan and actions supersede local desires. We will only be able to move into Phase 1 of our local START Guide when the governor authorizes reopening and provides for local control.

Bound by the state’s rules, we expect the state will release more guidance on Thursday and an updated State Order on Friday. SLO County is collaborating with state partners and other counties to understand the state’s approach to reopening and to advocate on our county’s behalf. Several big points of divergence stand out between our desired START Guide approach and the state’s proposed approach. Namely faith-based services, salons, and gyms will not be allowed to reopen under the state’s plan as quickly as they would under the START Guide plan.

The county will continue to reconcile the START Guide with the state’s proposed plan and actions as more details become available. To read about the Governor’s reopening announcement, click here. To provide feedback, click here.


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