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Vine-by-vine data is now available in Paso Robles 

VineView expands coverage on the Central Coast

VineView , an aerial vineyard mapping company, announced today it has expanded its blanket flyover coverage program to include Paso Robles and the Central Coast.

For years, VineView has flown most of Napa Valley and Sonoma County twice annually – once during bloom, and again during veraison – capturing calibrated data on each vineyard and vine. It is now providing the same blanket coverage for vineyards in the Central Coast.

This means vineyard managers and operators can use VineView’s vine-by-vine data and diagnostics from 2019. It’s an opportunity to benchmark vineyards and see how it can save time, money and drive sustainability, the company says.

“VineView provides the industry’s most accurate data and vineyard diagnostics available, and through our blanket coverage program, we can show vineyard operators not only how precise it is, but how they can easily harness this powerful technology to better manage day-to-day operations and long-term forecasting,” says VineView CEO, Richard Van der Put. “We have long flown Napa and Sonoma and couldn’t be more pleased to offer blanket coverage to the vineyards in the Central Coast, one of the most important wine-growing regions in the world.”

VineView’s proprietary imaging system captures data on each vine and canopy, arming vineyard operators with vine-by-vine diagnostics. Called PureVine™, it can find undetected vines and canopy gaps, show stress and detect disease. The diagnostics can also divide blocks – and entire vineyards – into precise vigor zones, allowing operators to track throughout the season and year to year. PureVine™ is also a powerful tool for more accurate crop yield estimates.

What’s more, via the VineView App, PureVine™ maps can be converted into data – including vine counts, acreage and vigor zone levels – with a single click.

VineView plans to further expand its blanket coverage next season to include Lodi.

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