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Virtual webinars on AI aimed to help workers improve career outcomes 

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First webinar is today at 5 p.m.

Albert’s List, a web-based community focused on helping white-collar workers improve their career outcomes is now holding webinars focused on artificial intelligence (AI). The upcoming events are designed to support working professionals and encourage them to partner with AI to be more productive and creative.

“I am excited to see the Paso Robles economy grow deeper into space and technology,” said Albert Qian, Founder of Albert’s List. “Our webinars offer a glimpse into the future and provide the tools needed for success while letting us remain in the present.”

Founded in 2013, Albert’s List is a Facebook community with 47,900 members in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though consisting of mostly Northern Californians, the community expanded outward during the pandemic. Professionals from other states and even internationally have attended Zoom webinars and workshops that cover topics such as interviewing, resume writing, personal brand development, and networking.

The two webinars of note coming up are:

  • “Elevate Your Career with Artificial Intelligence” (May 25, today at 5 p.m.), which is a workshop where attendees will gain exposure to 35+ AI tools they can use today in their career and job search. Attendees are also encouraged to bring their own scenarios, including using AI to write resumes, networking outreach messages, building a personal brand, and executing administrative tasks. Tickets start at $47 and Paso Robles Daily News readers can get 25% off with code “PASOROBLES.”
  • “How to Interview in the Age of AI” (June 5, 5 p.m.), which focuses on the evolution of job interviewing with AI becoming more prevalent. With employers increasingly able to investigate a job seeker’s past for experience, learning how to tell one’s career story while showcasing visionary capability is more essential than ever. Tickets are free, but space is limited.


In the last seven months, AI tools like ChatGPT have been gaining considerable attention. While inaccurate outputs still remain a natural part of many AI tools, such technologies have scaled to the point where they can pass the Bar Exam at a high rate. At an even greater concern are white-collar jobs: Goldman Sachs estimates that the pervasiveness of AI could impact as many as 300 million roles over the next ten years.

“While there are ethics, accuracy, and societal issues to be concerned about, AI is a technology that seems to be here to stay and it’s better that we embrace it than fear it,” says Qian. “I hope that Paso Roblans will join us and explore the future.”


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