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Water policy concepts on the TCSD agenda 

–Today, Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 7 p.m., the Templeton Community Services District (TCSD) has a meeting with an important agenda item.

Agenda Item #9 A-H has to deal with potential water policy changes. They will be discussing and prioritizing four main water policy concepts that were identified during their strategic plan in February 2020. This affects all residents and businesses in Templeton.

Water meters are currently unavailable to buy or transfer in Templeton unless someone relinquishes their meter and then TSCD goes to the 25-year waitlist to offer that meter to the next in line. There are local business owners and citizens that have been asking for reform to this policy and for a fresh look at how the Templeton community uses water.

The four main water policy concepts are as follows:

A: An incentivized relinquishment program to encourage property owners to relinquish (return/sell back) unconnected water units so that more properties on the waitlist may be offered water service.

B: Permit property owners to transfer water units that are not in service to another property that they own.

C: Implement a landscape retrofit program to allow developers/owners of vacant property to reduce landscape water usage (such as by turf removal) on property owned by others in exchange for water service for a new use.

D: An update of the district’s single-family dwelling unit equivalent water demand calculation for future connections.

“What we are asking is for Templeton residents to call in during public comment on this item to ask them to prioritize items B and D over items A or C,” said Templeton resident and former Templeton Chamber CEO Jessica Main. “A and C have already been done before. Items B and D would help free up water meters now for potential development. Item D would also give a better picture about water usage, for example, how much a 3 bed home uses versus a studio apartment, this research would help with the ability to split water meters depending on usage.

“We are asking those who call in to ask for these town hall meetings and public participation and to prioritize the two issues,” she continued, “Without water meters there is no development, development creates homes and spaces for our businesses but also funds our recreation department and fire department through the fees paid for that development into the Community Funds Districts (CFDs). There are parcels of land in Templeton with no water meters and others with more meters than the property could ever be built out to use. Please listen in, call in, or email your public comment on this item.”

How to view the meeting: 

Click here to view the Dec. 1, meeting agenda.

Click here to view the specific agenda item.

The public call-in number or Zoom link to participate is as follows:

ZOOM Phone #: 1-669-900-6833
Meeting ID: 852 7291 6854 Passcode: 180931 or Join the Zoom Meeting here.

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