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Wellness Kitchen serving up 50 quarts of bone broth a week 

broth-at-wellness-kitchenThroughout history and all over the world, stocks and broths have been the foundation of cooking. While the knowledge is far from new, modern health care practices are now recognizing broths as an integral part of a wholesome diet, regardless of what ails you.

Bone broth has been provided by The Wellness Kitchen since its inception 5 years ago. Currently there is a huge surge in demand due to the healing benefits and testimonials from the patrons who take it on a regular basis. With today’s focus on healthier lifestyles, the coffee trend is shifting to bone broth.

While juice businesses are popping up as well as the emergence of juicing at home, a similar trend is happening with broth. A recent Today show story described the growing popularity of bone broth offered by Brodo, a broth take-out window service in New York City. A warm cup of broth is as common as a cup of coffee or tea.

A medicinal healing broth

bone broth paso robles

Jennifer Hamman is pictured preparing the broths; growing in demand with over 50 quarts each week.

Generous donations from Oso Libre Winery & Vineyards, Nick Family Ranch and Adelaida Springs Ranch allow The Wellness Kitchen to meet the ever-growing demand for the Re-building Beef Bone Marrow Broth. A Mineral Broth and Chicken Bone Broth are also available. Currently the Kitchen is making 50 quarts per week, utilizing 24 pounds of marrow bones from humanely raised, grass fed cattle. An estimated minimum of 1248 pounds of bones will be needed for 2015.

The bones themselves are filled with nutrients; so combining them with 16 other vital ingredients results in a nourishing addition to one’s daily intake. The long simmering time extracts as many minerals and nutrients as possible from the bones. Nancy adds, “With many of our patrons having difficulty eating or digesting, suffering with no appetite, drained of energy from debilitating chemotherapy treatments or recovery from surgery, bone broth offers the support for critical hydration, mineral support and rebuilding on a cellular level. Our clients are discovering new-found energy, help with digestive issues, and a nourishing way to build weakened immune systems. My greatest reward is when a patron shares how our meals and healing broths and teas ‘brought them back to live; restoring their energy.” Our good work is making a profound difference in people’s lives.”

Volunteers make it possible

“The opportunity to prepare flavorful meals with our passionate staff and volunteers is truly heaven for me,” Nancy says. “We have 40-50 volunteers who assist with phone calls, shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning, packaging, delivering, supporting patrons, and assisting with classes and local events. In 2014, 5750 volunteer hours were logged; averaging 500 hours a month. It’s a fun place to work; surely a way to fill your own cup by giving to others and in turn, learning about healthy, clean cooking. And the best part of all is that the kitchen just might remind you of family gatherings with the warmth and aromas of your own kitchen, a Thanksgiving…every day! Please stop in, take a closer look at The Kitchen and find out more about volunteer opportunities! The Wellness Kitchen and Resource Center is located at 1255 Las Tablas Road in Templeton. Call (805) 434-1800 or click

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