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What Do They Buy in a Tactical Shop? 

A tactical gear online shop is a place where you can find almost anything related to personal safety, protection and security. What do they buy in a tactical shop? Let’s make a brief review of security gear offered in online tactical shops.


Surely, one of the most common products on the security gear market that is demanded both by military, federal and private buyers, body armor is widely presented in online tactical shops. The products in this category include:

  • Body armor. All types of bulletproof gear including but not limited to: bulletproof vests, pants, helmets and so on. Body armor comes in several protection levels from NIJ Level IIA to NIJ Level IV.
  • Armor plates. Insertions for body armors vests to replace damaged or outdated armor plates in an existing vest. Armor panels are available in a number of types, materials and shapes.


This category includes a number of portable bullet resistant devices including:

  • Bullet shields. These are compact wearable or larger mobile shields designed to give additional protection against shots and projectiles to its user. Bullet shields can be made from various materials from steel to UHMWPE, and come in variety of shapes and form-factors.
  • Light shields are a special modification of bullet shields that offer an embedded lighting. This lighting serves two purposes: it offers better visibility to its wearer in low light conditions, and it disorients and hampers aiming of the armed resistance.
  • Ballistic blankets. When additional coverage is required almost instantly or in the field, ballistic blankets come in handy. This type of protective gear can be quickly thrown over windows or doors, can be mounted onto vehicles, or can be used to protect rescued hostages while they are on their way to safety.

Tactical clothes

A large category of tactical gear is clothes. Those who are unaware of specifics of tactical operations may think that tactical clothes are nothing else as conventional clothes marketed as tactical. Wrong! The word “tactical” means that such clothes were designed with a focus on certain applications and thus provide better agility, better usability and more options than your typical everyday wear.

Here are some common options offered in online tactical stores:

  • Tactical shirts and jackets. Tactical outwear offers excellent protection from elements, has enhanced durability and tear-resistance and features a lot of pockets to put various accessories and equipment into.
  • Tactical pants are a durable alternative to your everyday jeans. Featuring enforced knees and easy fit in groin and knees, such pants offer much more flexibility and control while remaining practical and acceptable for civil wearing too.
  • Tactical boots. Extra-durable boots for better comfort and reliable grip.
  • Bodyguard clothing and uniform. This category includes badges, caps, uniform jackets and so on.

Tactical accessories

A large category that encompasses a wide range of various accessories including goggles, knee and elbow pads, tactical pouches and backpacks, tactical belts, tactical knives, flashlights, sunglasses, and even medical supplies.

Tactical equipment

Tactical gear involves a range of equipment that helps policemen, military or security officers to do their job more efficiently. The category includes, for instance, gear to enhance vision, improve aiming or provide additional safety and convenience to security officers on duty.

Some examples of such tactical equipment are:

  • Night vision goggles
  • Rifle scopes
  • Red dot sights or holographic sights

Security gear

Security officers are not only the first line of defense when something goes off the plan, they are also the first ones to be seen by employees and guests in many public places and facilities. Hence, the security gear encompasses not only specific security accessories like batons or gun holders, but also a presentable outfit: jackets, uniform shirts, badges, caps or ties.

Some examples of security gear are:

  • Telescopic batons
  • Bipod mounts
  • Gun holsters
  • Ammo holders
  • Handcuff case
  • and so on

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