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What is a cloud-based LMS system? What are the must-have features of it? 

Needless to say, Elearning is the only option to learn uninterrupted in this crazy pandemic scenario. 

With its endless tools, elearning makes the entire content creation and learning process seamless. 

The Learning Management System (LMS) among the elearning tools has taken a huge hit in the elearning market. 

Be it any corporate training or academic learning; an LMS system provides on-point services to the customers.

A cloud-based LMS system is the elearning trend in 2021 that offers location and system freedom for creators to access, edit and publish their courses. 

Here are four must-have features of a cloud-based LMS system. 

  • Look for Content Libraries

For sure, a cloud-based LMS will solve your L&D training, but what about the content and elearning courses? 

A  massive content library can take your elearning course to another level. 

If you’ve got an LMS system with your own content library for each topic, then you can create courses faster than others. 

Look for such custom designed elearning solutions that align with your training objectives. 

The best thing about the content libraries is that you get unlimited accessibility to improvise your employees’ knowledge anywhere and anytime. 

  • Social Learning Tools

No one wants to feel left out whenever doubt or query occurs. Despite its virtual feature, a cloud-based LMS system has social learning tools to make learners connected. 

Discussion forums, chat rooms and personalized mentorships clarify the doubts on advanced applications. 

Not to forget, the community pages most elearning programs offer these days. With its intuitiveness, such pages provide the latest information on the specific industry from learners worldwide.

Isn’t that valuable? 

  • Integration with other Apps

Want to provide the best user experience? Offer them with an integration feature that connects your LMS system with other apps. 

For example, Many learners might have other works to accomplish. If they want to learn your course in their busy schedule, a google calendar integration will remind them to learn the module on time!

Similarly, integration with e-commerce sites, project management software will ease up the user experience. 

As a course creator, there won’t be any hassle to import or export data when updating it. 

  • Customization & Intuitiveness

Customization is an attractive and trending marketing feature of any business at this moment. People want to feel like it’s made just for them. 

Create custom made courses to your target audience using the LMS system.

Look for additional engagement factors like gamification, leaderboards, and quizzes to ensure you get high learners’ engagement and resonate with your course. 

Finally, only when you evaluate their performances, will you know if your course or training program is successful. 

Rely on those LMS which promises to deliver comprehensive reports and analytics to get the pulse of learners. 

Top 5 Best Cloud-Based LMS system

Keeping all the above-mentioned factors in mind, we’ve researched and come up with the top 4 best cloud-based LMS systems for you!

  • Docebo

Docebo has automated learning management through its artificial intelligence. It offers the course creators to achieve deeper outcomes out of the learners. 

  • LearnUpon LMS

LearnUpon LMS is ideal for any employee training and franchise training. It offers 10+ third-party integration to give the users a seamless experience. 

  • iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn channelize your crystal clear vision for training. You can literally launch your training within a day with its massive content libraries. 

  • Adobe Captivate Prime

Being an award-winning SaaS LMS, Adobe Captivate Prime helps you in creating skill-based training programs efficiently. From gamification to mobile accessibility, it has everything for the learners. 

The Final Takeaway

In addition to the above-mentioned features, prefer to look for a mobile device accessible LMS. As more than 80 percent of modern learners use their smartphones and tablets to learn, your course reaches them faster than others. 

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