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What to do if a police officer discriminates against you 

The police have a duty of performing their job by respecting the community and complying with the law. Even though a vast majority of law enforcement officers perform their job with respect, there are incidents where the officer is not complying with the law. If you believe that a police officer has discriminated against you and your civil rights have been violated, you could be entitled to receive monetary compensation for their misconduct.

What is Police Discrimination?

Law enforcement officers can stop individuals for a brief questioning if they have a reasonable suspicion of any criminal activity. Such a holding period should not be longer than necessary, and the officer should adopt a non-intrusive method to investigate the suspicions. If the officer has arrested a person without probable cause or reasonable suspicion, it could be a case of police discrimination. This may include discrimination based on ethnic background or skin color. In addition, if in the course of questioning the law enforcement personnel treats you differently or uses abusive language because of your sexual orientation, national origin, or religion, it may also qualify as a case of police misconduct.

Filing a Police Discrimination Lawsuit

The law states that even if you have committed a crime and the police arrest you for it, they do not have a right to mistreat you in a discriminatory fashion. If you have been subjected to police discrimination, it is recommended to hire a knowledgeable NYC civil rights lawyer who can help review your case and file a strong lawsuit against the concerned law enforcement personnel. You can file a police discrimination lawsuit under the following cases:

  • If you were falsely arrested or held for an unreasonably long detention period.
  • The police used excessive force against you.
  • There was abusive surveillance even though there was no suspicion of criminal activity.
  • The officials demanded or suggested paying a bribe.
  • There was verbal abuse or attacks on your ethnicity or race.

It is crucial to note that law enforcement officials have a certain degree of immunity to civilian complaints. Your lawsuit’s success largely depends upon if you can prove a strong case of discrimination. To successfully file your lawsuit, make sure you record details of the discrimination and collect any witnesses’ contact information.

How Can A Good Civil Rights Attorney Help You?

As a police discrimination victim, you have the legal right to sue the officer and the officer’s employer in both state and federal courts. If you were mistreated by the law enforcement agency in your area based on your gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or skin color, get in touch with an experienced civil rights lawyer. It is imperative to have a lawyer who is not afraid to take up a case against the city or the police department when the police have abused their authority. A good seasoned attorney will fight relentlessly to ensure that you receive the justice that you lawfully deserve.

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