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Why 2021 Is A Great Time to Enter The Legal Field 

good time to become a lawyer

–Entering the legal field is a bold career move that can shape your entire future. There are plenty of lucrative opportunities in law that allow you to work with businesses, individuals, and government organizations. To become a lawyer, you will need prove your academic skill and critical thinking abilities.

How to Become a Lawyer

The process of becoming a lawyer begins in your undergraduate school. You will need to enroll in relevant classes in your field — most lawyers are political science, english, or economics majors in undergraduate school. After you graduate and get into law school, you will need to pass the Bar exam before becoming a fully-fledged lawyer.

The Bar exam covers constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, evidence, real property, and torts. Your score on the exam determines whether you can become a licensed lawyer, and the score you need changes depending on the state where you want to practice. A high score can also impact the number of career opportunities you have in the future — make sure you spend plenty of time studying!

Because the exam covers a wide range of complicated subjects, many test-takers enroll in online Bar prep courses to help them pass on their first attempt.

Why Enter the Legal Field?

Career Diversity

Because of our intricate legal systems, intelligent lawyers need to work in many different fields to study and interpret the law. Pursuing a career in the legal field means that you can work in just about any niche you can imagine.

The most common types of lawyers are personal injury lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers — but did you know you could also work in aviation or fashion? No matter your personal interests, you are likely to find a career in the legal field that you will enjoy.


In addition to the number of diverse opportunities you will have in your career, you can also expect to earn a high salary. Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in the world — at the largest corporations, they can expect to earn more than a million dollars every year at the executive level.

Further, the demand for lawyers is always increasing, which means that you can expect to earn even more money in the future. If money is your ultimate career goal, then working in the legal field is the right path for you.

Dynamic Work Environment

The world is always changing, and laws need to change just as fast to keep up with an increasingly diverse society. As a lawyer, you need to be an innovative problem solver — the cases you resolve can have lasting implications as precedents for future court decisions.

Because your work is constantly changing, you can be sure that you will never have a boring day at the office. There is always a new law to study or technology to master. A dynamic career in the legal field is also likely to give you a multicultural perspective on society’s biggest problems.

Many of the largest and most influential legal firms are partnering with international agencies to resolve worldwide crises. A career in the legal field can expose you to these problems and present you with an opportunity to come to a solution while working with an international team of other lawyers.



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