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With more States going into Legal Gambling, What is Missing In California? 

Online gambling is a much-talked-about phenomenon as of late, as many US states are starting to legalize it. Sports betting is leading the charge. Online sportsbooks provide unmatched convenience and the ability to take part in huge fantasy leagues. Sports betting is also proving to be a hit that brings in amazing profits to the tribes that run operations and the states they operate in. However, not all states are currently enjoying the profits of online gambling or sportsbooks. Many, like California, are having trouble getting the measures passed.

When it comes to legalizing a big business such as online gambling, there’s a lot of things to consider. For one, the people who already run a similar business. In this case, California’s tribes take issue with some of the consequences of moving gambling to an online platform. Then there are political differences. Do the political parties of the state have a middle ground on the issue? In California’s case, that’s a big no. So there are a couple of things for California’s lawmakers to consider as they embark on this journey to maybe legalize gambling.

How Legal Gambling Became A Big Issue In California

The US Supreme Court overturned a prohibition on federal sports betting in 2018, and this got a lot of states considering the legalization of sports betting. This didn’t just include betting on sporting events in the arena or at a casino, however. Online gambling is an opportunity that can’t be missed, as it brings the game to people all over the state, not just the ones that can afford to travel. Online gambling is also where the trouble starts, however. There’s a lot of questioning around who actually controls online gambling, how many regulations it should share with its in-person counterpart, and who gets the profit.

In California, the local Native American tribes had problems with online gambling. Their core grievance was that they wanted full control and therefore a lion’s share of the money. They even went as far as to ask that any sports betting sites be based on tribal grounds only, giving them exclusive rights to the business. The tribes rallied together to fight a ballot measure on the issue last year. From there, it would need to be voted on by the citizens of California. Unfortunately, the measure never made it on the ballot.

After that, some pushed to have the sports betting measure appear on California’s recall election ballot. That would pave the way for online casinos, as well, as the two tend to go hand-in-hand for legislative measures. Others hoped that the recall would take place and Larry Elder would win, as he was opposed to gambling altogether. The measure didn’t end up on the recall ballot, however, and the recall failed. Now, the next push is to have Californians bet on legal sports betting in 2022.

Why California Wants Legal Gambling

So why are the tribes fighting so hard to get exclusive rights to sports betting, and why are so many people pushing for the ballot measure in 2022? Money. Legal gambling is showing huge profits for the states that adopt it, and millions come in after just a few weeks.

Success cases such as Pennsylvania are a good example of what California could be having. Pennsylvania has had legal gambling for several years now, and boasts an expansive industry as a result. Online casinos bring in millions and stand to bring in more as the state’s platforms add more games. By offering more kinds of games, online gambling appeals to a wider audience. This gets more people playing and eventually brings more money into the state. California is already doing well when it comes to money, but it could always use more to improve infrastructure (particularly the freeways). If states like Pennsylvania are anything to go by, California has a lot to gain by legalizing gambling.

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