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How yoga can support you during the Mid-State Fair 


–This week begins the bustling event and Central California showcase that draws thousands of participants, including concertgoers, to carnival rides, 4-H and animal competitions, horticulture, community performances, unique product viewing and fun food/beverages. Among the exhibits, competitions and concerts, there is plenty of time to enjoy the scents, sounds and shady places the unique venue has laid out.

Through their Instagram and Facebook feeds, EarthTones of downtown Paso Robles has assembled a 12-day guide for how yoga can support you during the Mid-State Fair. Summer is a time for some to calm down, but school being out and fair activates in full swing can be wires crossed for relaxation. Yoga is mobile and the benefits of resting and digesting the food and fun of the fair can be enhanced through some simple practices.

Nicole Stromsoe and Mary Uebersax, yoga instructors at EarthTones Gifts, Gallery & Center for Healing, have compiled a simple list of yoga tools, paired with tailored event information from the bustling daily program. “As a professional singer, I value the calming and centering aspect of yoga,” notes Stromsoe. “We thought this would be a helpful way to encourage healthy practices of self-care during the fair as well as at similar community events.”

“The Fair brings hotter temperatures and longer days for folks of all ages. We want to remind those participating every day how some simple yoga exercises can help them maximize their enjoyment and keep more comfortable for the long week+ ahead,” says Uebersax.

Many local events such as Live Oak and Whale Rock Music Festivals have included yoga in their programs. Uebersax, who recently taught community yoga at the Downtown Lavender Festival, has already located some cool places where she can practice on the fairgrounds.

According to the National Institute of Health Center for Complementary and Integrative Health millions (estimate as many as 20 million) of people in the U.S. practice yoga. The large majority is to maintain health and well being. Other benefits are reduced pain, disability and depression as well as greater function and sense of well-being. Note that there are a wide variety of yoga styles; not all are gentle. Take precaution before you begin any exercise plan. Especially if you have concerns with high or low blood pressure, or are pregnant. Talk with your healthcare provider and a qualified instructor if you have concerns.

–Mary Uebersax, Yoga Instructor and Owner of EarthTones

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