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5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her In 2023 

5 Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts For Her In 2023

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Valentine’s Day is drawing close again, and if you’ve got a special lady in your life that you’d like to spoil, your options for gift-giving are extensive.

In fact it’s not unusual to be weighed down by the realization that even if you’re snapping up something with plenty of time to spare, the act of choosing the right item itself is a real time sink.

So that this doesn’t become an issue that stresses you out, we’ve rounded up some good gift options for this Valentine’s Day that will make you popular with your partner for the rest of the year.

A Battery-Powered Hand Warmer

If you’re planning a winter getaway with your sweetheart, or you just know that they tend to feel the cold at this time of year, even if they’re wrapped up against the elements, there’s a gadget out there to help.

Brands like Lifesystems and Ocoopa have a range of slim yet effective hand warmers which are powered by integrated batteries, and offer fast recharging so that users don’t catch a chill on a frosty evening date. Pair them with a set of new gloves and you’ve got a great gift combo.

A Low Maintenance Indoor Plant

It’s traditional for a bouquet of flowers to be given to women on Valentine’s Day, but the problem is that the blooms will quickly wilt, leaving you with a once-beautiful display that’s now decaying in a vase at home.

Bucking the trend with a low maintenance indoor plant will let you celebrate your relationship and its growth, not just for one day, but for years to come.

A Ruby Necklace

Forget diamond rings; rubies are where it’s at this year. And with one of Diamondere’s ruby necklaces, you’re sure to leave her astounded and impressed.

The key to choosing jewelry is making sure it matches their personal style, so don’t just go for the priciest piece you can afford, but actually think about which one will suit them.

An Artistic Subscription Box

Anyone whose partner has a creative side should consider getting them a subscription box with a difference; one which actually lets them express their artsy urges.

There are quite a few competing options in this category, such as ArtSnacks which provides a box of art supplies shipped to your door each month so that you can mix up creative projects. Alternatives include Muse Kits, Paletteful Packs and many others. Check out what each offers and select one that aligns with your spouse or girlfriend’s areas of artistic interest.

A Five Year Journal

Journaling is a therapeutic process, as well as one which you’ll appreciate when it becomes a breeze to look back on your life further down the line and reminisce about things you’d otherwise have forgotten.

Rather than picking up a diary that deals with just one 12 month period, there are a variety of multi-year journals on the market to consider.

Some let you write one or two sentences about each day for up to half a decade, although there are shorter 3 year alternatives. You can also find joint journals in this category, so as long as you don’t mind the idea of sharing responsibilities of charting your life together, that’s an intriguing option that’s a bit different from a box of chocolates.

Wrapping up

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s definitely better to buy something well in advance so you don’t make a panicked, last-minute decision. It’s also helpful to step outside of the tried and tested gift options, and the above ideas all fit that criteria.

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