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We don’t have a parking problem, we have a walking problem

By Matt Browne Hoot ‘n Annie The top three things I hear people complain about in Paso Robles are the parking (lack thereof), water, and […] Full Article

So sad that theft happens in such a nice town

Hi, I just read your article on the local contractor’s truck that was stolen on Wednesday night. So sad that things like that happen in […] Full Article

Alex Gonzales’ attorney responds to accusations

Sometimes tragedies are just accidents, not crimes By Darryl Genis Constitutional Defense Attorney I have been retained to represent Alexander Gonzales who attended Paso Robles […] Full Article

Water basin: Leveling the playing field

This document will examine the organization of the board of directors in the Paso Robles Basin Water District proposed by Assembly Bill (AB2453) and suggest […] Full Article

A little help goes a long way

Dear editor, No one in the Paso Robles community knows about the truth of the old saying, “A little help goes a long way,” like […] Full Article

PG&E: Be careful using metallic balloons

With graduation season in full swing, Pacific Gas and Electric is reminding people to keep metallic balloons safely secured. Metallic balloons should be properly weighted […] Full Article

Be prepared for disasters

If a disaster occurs, are you prepared to be “on your own” for 2 to 5 days? Do you have food and water available in […] Full Article

Be safe out their on personal watercraft

The Personal Watercraft Industry Association is promoting the responsible use of personal watercrafts by encouraging safety and education. Our local lakes are very low this […] Full Article

Letter: PRAAGS does not represent everyone

Dear editor, I would appreciate you publishing my response to PRAGGS regarding ‘Locals respond to basin adjudication advocate“. As a North County residence I would […] Full Article

Locals respond to basin adjudication advocate

PRAAGS and PRO Water Equity reply to California Water Impact Network In response to Carolee Krieger’s opinion piece of April 24, 2014, there are some […] Full Article