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Letter: Candidate will enforce discipline, exceptionalism, accountable leadership 

letter to the editor

To the editor, 

The April 15 letter to the editor ‘once upon a time’ is a ridiculous exaggeration

– When I read the April 15 letter to the editor, I knew I could not let the ridiculous exaggeration regarding the “once upon a time” of the girl falling off a bike go unanswered. This person’s letter makes no plausible sense!

In 1954 when I was in Mrs. Speck’s 4th grade class, I recall a very important lesson in my life. Mrs. Speck asked the class for an opinion on a question, and I raised my hand; trying to impress my classmates I gave a smart-ass reply. After the students stopped laughing, she asked me to come up in front of the class so I thought she might be thinking that was a clever answer and I would be rewarded for my answer. Standing in front of my classmates she explained the correct way to answer this in a way I will never forget. She told me to bend over and picked up a large wooden ruler which she proceeded to spank me with. While she only swatted me with three or four loud swats, I can still recall the fear in my classmates’ eyes when I walked back to my desk.

Because of this discipline, you can bet your sweet whatever that going forward neither I nor any of my classmates pulled this or any other type of shenanigans during any of her classes.

One of the most important things I have learned in life is that it is consequences that mold a person’s actions; good consequences make us want to do more of the same behavior and bad consequences make us want to do less. In simple terms, it is only consequences that can change human behavior. Think of it like you are growing a vegetable garden, you need to fertilize the top, cultivate the middle, and weed the bottom.

Kenney Enney will focus on what improvement changes are needed in our schools and yes that means discipline and pinning down behavior consequences to make sure our teachers and students are accountable for bad behavior but are also protected and rewarded for achievement and good behavior. Please take the emotions out of your decision and vote for the person who will help make the best changes necessary and serve the interests of our parents, children, and teachers; that person is Kenney Enney.

George Phillips
Paso Robles

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