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Letter: Instead of leaving, please stay, learn, and help the community 

letter to the editor

To the author of “The Last Straw,” Please don’t Leave!

–I read your article about how you are looking for a place to spend your life and raise your kids. I understand you disagree with the school board’s decision to ban the tenets of CRT in our schools. Now you feel that you must leave this area and find refuge in some other locale that closer aligns with your current beliefs. I write this letter to try to convince you not to leave and provide you with an alternative to that action.

Please educate yourself on what the pushers of CRT are trying to do. When I say educate yourself, I mean read books, both in favor of CRT and opposed to it. Try to reconcile the life you live here with the ideas that books like “How to be an Anti Racist” and others say you are living. I am not sure of your race but if you are white, do you feel you are an oppressor? If you are a minority, do you feel oppressed by the white people around you? Do you think racism is baked into America? Can you name one “systemic” policy today that promotes or legalizes racism? Have you looked into what history is being taught in schools today? Do you have some information that the history of racism, slavery, and how the indigenous people were treated in our past is missing and not being taught? I will admit it has been a while since I was in school, but my kids went through this school system not that many years ago and everything I saw in their books and everything I was taught covered the dark side of American history pretty well. I am sure there is room for more information about our history, but that is where this belongs, in history classes.

I think you have been watching too much of the mainstream media tell you that without CRT people are not being taught the history of this country. This is dangerous as they have an agenda and you should do your best to recognize that agenda. The people telling you that CRT is important are the people trying to divide this country into individual races and skin tones. Socialism, Marxism, and Communism, all require that the people fight with each other while the authoritarians in charge continue to make back door deals and get richer and richer all while taking your freedoms away slowly until eventually, you have none left.

Mr. Arend clearly laid out a policy that does not allow the teachings of these tenets of CRT. The argument that CRT is not being taught is a play on words by the left. So please again, educate yourself about this. Teaching kids that because they are white they are oppressors, or if you are of color you are oppressed might not be called “CRT” but it is the foundation and it has no place in this town, this county, this state, or this country. I applaud the board for making it clear to all “teachers” that their job is to teach subjects like math, reading, science, social studies, etc, and not racism.

Marxism, Socialism, Communism, or more commonly known today as Liberalism is a virus. It is spreading faster and killing more people that COVID could ever dream of. So I ask you. No I beg of you please do not leave this city and spread this virus of lies and hatred to another area. Rather educate and heal yourself so that this country can continue to live a healthy life for many years to come.

Gary Brown
Paso Robles

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