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Letter: New parent program helpful for teen moms 

Dear Editor,

Re: “Twin Cities offering new class for expectant parents” (March 16), I applaud this important new program. Becoming a parent for the first time is difficult and first time mothers often don’t know what to expect. The classes that are provided through Twin Cities’ program offer great opportunities for expecting parents who need help on this new and difficult chapter of life.

As a young woman with a pregnant teen friend, I know the anxiety she feels as she embarks on this life changing journey. This type of class can help prepare new parents for the many joys and challenges of parenting. Some pregnant teens are concerned of having high blood pressure, anemia, and low birth-weight infant. For those who don’t know the process of pregnancy, these classes can provide the knowledge they need, and what to expect. It’s not for them to tell them how to parent their children, but rather to overall help them learn the precautions they need to take. I know that I, later on in life, would benefit from these classes. We need to direct more attention and care on the ones that are pregnant.

Imelda Sandoval
17, Paso Robles

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