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Letter: Response to the ‘shocked’ Paso Robles High School students 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

Response to the letter “shocked” Paso Robles high school students

Webster’s defines diversity: differing from one another, unlike, different, variety, not the same, unusual, special, contrast, and distinctive.

It did not mention skin color, race or any physical attribute. People with the same skin color can have wildly different opinions on any subject.

Our trustees give hours to our schools while, raising families, and running businesses. Our trustees have legal backgrounds, managerial, contracting, customer service, government, and blue-collar experience. We have teachers ‘from k-5 thru high school, vocational training, adult ed, and Cal Poly. We have a veteran, a firefighter, and a cancer survivor each serve with unique perspectives. This is diversity. Words mean things.

In all my reading I’ve never once thought of the skin color of an author. Since reading the Ethnic Course Overview, I wonder why are there no Indonesian stories for my granddaughter? Also, there is nothing covering my Korean neighbor or the Polish family in my community.

Where will this splintering end? Help our students write resumes, get a job, balance checkbooks, and raise families? We need to understand true diversity and decide what is the goal of education?

Sande Adkins
Paso Robles

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