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Notable Roblans – Famous actors and musicians of Paso Robles 

The most Famous people from Paso Robles - Notable Roblans - Actors and musicians

It’s Hollywood, in Paso Robles!

Part I in a series on the most famous people from Paso Robles

–Paso Robles is no stranger to the famous. In this new series, the Paso Robles Daily News will explore some of the most, ‘Notable Roblans’ throughout history. In this edition, we will explore the many arts, music, and film stars that have called Paso Robles home or made an impact on Paso Robles.

Ignacy Jan Paderewski was one of the most famous people from Paso Robles, CA

Ignacy Jan Paderewski.

Ignacy Jan Paderewski – With a statue of Ignacy downtown and a festival dedicated to him, most Roblans will be quick to tell you about musician and composer Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Originally from Poland, Paderewski fell in love with the rolling hills of Paso Robles and made it his American ‘home away from home.’ The festival honors his legacy with an international youth musical exchange program and live music performances every year.

Casey Biggs.

Casey Biggs – An actor, best known for his work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; has a home in Paso Robles and has done commercials for Paso Robles wine. He is fondly known by locals and wine drinkers worldwide as the ‘Paso Wine Man.’ He also plays in a local band.


brolin family paso robles

James Brolin, Barbara Streisand, and Josh Brolin. Image from People Magazine.

James and Josh Brolin – Actor James Brolin and son Josh are notable in Hollywood and well-known Paso Robles area transplants. The family is active in the local film community. James is best known for films such as Traffic, The Amityville Horror, and Westworld. He has been married to Barbra Streisand since 1998. His son Josh (from his 20-year marriage to Jane Cameron Agee) lives with his wife and two children on his late mother’s ranch in Paso Robles. Josh is best known for films such as The Avengers and No Country for Old Men.

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds. Image from Wikipedia.

Debbie Reynolds – American sweetheart and Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds had a 70-year film career. In her later years, she owned a ranch in Creston. Reynolds died following a stroke on Dec. 28, 2016, one day after the death of her daughter, fellow actress Carrie Fisher. The Debbie Reynolds’ family ranch is currently up for sale. 

Morgan Woodward attends The Autry National Centre’s Inaugural “Rendezvous” Gala at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. (Photo by Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images)

Morgan Woodward – Morgan Woodward, an actor who appeared in more than 250 movies and TV shows during a 40-year acting career, died on Feb. 22, 2019 at age 93. Woodward was a long-time resident of Paso Robles, living on his local ranch. He died in his Hollywood Hills home, where he had lived the past few months due to his health.

alex trebek

Image of Alex Trebek from IMDB.

Alex Trebek – The loved late Jeopardy host owned a North County property, originally called Creston Farms, a thoroughbred horse breeding and training farm. He sold the 700+ acre farm in 2008. It is now called Windfall Farms. He also had a home near Lake Nacimiento that he visited frequently.

Hunter Tylo

Hunter Tylo. Image from IMDB.

Hunter Tylo – Hunter Tylo is an American actress, author, and former model who was born in Fort Worth Texas in 1962 and now lives in Paso Robles. She is best known for her role as Taylor Hayes on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Colleen Moore

Colleen Moore. Image from Wikipedia.

Colleen Moore – Colleen Moore was an American film actress who started her career during the silent film era. Moore was one of the most fashionable stars of the era and reportedly helped popularize the ‘bob’ haircut. Originally from Michigan, in 1988, Moore died of an undisclosed ailment in Paso Robles, California. She was 88.

Frances Rafferty

Frances Rafferty. Image from IMDB.

Frances Rafferty – Frances Anne Rafferty was a WW2-era pin-up girl, actress, and dancer. After a notable career, Frances retired to Paso Robles, where she helped form a local acting group called the “Pioneer Players.” She died in 2004 of natural causes at age 81 in Paso Robles.

Elena Verdugo

Elena Verdugo. Image from Wikipedia.

Elena Verdugo – An American actress, Verdugo’s career in radio, television, and film spanned six decades. She was born in Paso Robles in 1925. The daughter of Mrs. Beatrice K. Verdugo, she studied dance, drama, and music as a child.

King vidor

King Vidor – A pioneering film director and producer, King Vidor was an American film director, film producer, and screenwriter of Hungarian descent. He was born in Galveston, Texas to lumberman Charles Shelton Vidor and his wife Kate Wallis. In 1982, Vidor died at his ranch in Paso Robles, California, from an unspecified heart disease.

This list compiles the “front of the camera” Hollywood crowd that has ties to Paso Robles. Stay tuned for future installments of the ‘Notable Roblans’ series – to read about the most famous people from Paso Robles – for filmmakers, directors, writers, as well as sports heroes, local legends, and more. If you would like to suggest a Notable Roblan for our list, email


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