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Paso Robles City Council endorses Measure L 

Cuesta College

Bond measure would tax property tax and give Cuesta $275 million

The Paso Robles City Council voted 4-0, with Councilman Fred Strong absent, to formally endorse Cuesta College’s bond Measure L, which will be on the Nov. 4 ballot. The bond would bring in $275 million for the college and would equate to a tax of $19.45 per $100,000 assessed property value. That tax would show up on San Luis Obispo County and southern Monterey County property owners property tax bills for the next 34 years.

The Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce also endorsed the measure two weeks ago.

Gil Stork

Gil Stork

Cuesta College Superintendent/President Gll Stork presented the bond measure at the council meeting on Oct. 7, asking for support, both an endorsement and votes. According to Cuesta, the board members agreed that the amount of $275 million addresses the needs of the college while also being mindful of the impact of voters.

“We are committed to providing quality, affordable higher education and job training,” Stork said. “However, repairs and upgrades are needed to support vital educational programs, including college transfer courses andcareer technical education that will meet industry and educational standards of today.”

He said that Cuesta College provides essential job training and career education needed for automotive technology, nursing, paramedic/9-1-1 emergency medical training, agriculture trades,early childhood education, law enforcement, welding, construction, engineering, technology and architecture, among others.

“Cuesta College plays a crucial role in keeping our communities healthy and safe by training and educating our area’s paramedics, nurses, emergency medical responders and other healthcare professionals,” Stork said. “If approved, this measure will provide vital funds that will enable Cuesta College to continue playing a central role in our community.”

This measure, would repair, construct and/or acquire facilities, sites and/or equipment, prepare students and returning veterans for universities and/or good paying jobs, address severe budget cuts by updating aging classrooms, improving and/or maintaining nursing, paramedic, 911 medical training, welding, engineering,automotive, early childhood education and other career education programs, repairing deteriorating gas and electrical lines, and upgrading technology.

Cuesta has two campuses: the main campus in San Luis Obispo and a North County campus in Paso Robles. It also offers classes in Arroyo Grande. For its Paso Robles campus, the new revenue would go toward the construction of campus centers for student services, early childhood education and job/career development.

While there were some questions from members of the public, which Stork address, the council gave positive feedback to Stork on the bond measure before officially endorsing it.