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So sad that theft happens in such a nice town 


Letter to the editorI just read your article on the local contractor’s truck that was stolen on Wednesday night. So sad that things like that happen in such a nice town. We also live in Paso and although our loss was not as big as a business mans work truck, my son’s basketball hoop/toy was stolen right out of our front yard Wednesday evening at some point. It was tucked away, away from the street so it couldn’t have been mistaken as a “free trash” item. My children are only 3.5 and almost 2 years old so it’s not a huge loss to them since we have yet to tell them. When they ask to play basketball we just tell them we let friends borrow it. It’s just a sad thing to think that somebody would steal a child’s toy as well as a persons mode of transportation and their work necessities. I hope that the person is found and thank you for consistently updating the community on what’s going on.

Jackie McCuistion

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