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Best pool and spa cleaning companies in Paso Robles 

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Best Paso Robles pool and spa maintenance and repair


Pool cleaning tips for summer

Every summer things start heating up here in Paso Robles. Even if you hire a Paso Robles pool cleaning service, there are things you can do on your own. If you are like most people, the only way you can take the heat is to relax poolside.  Maintaining the condition of your swimming pool is critical if you hope to use it all summer. Just follow a few simple tips and your pool will be an oasis of fun and relief all summer long.

Get the chemistry right

The best way to prevent pool problems is to maintain the correct chemistry in your swimming pool. You can buy a chlorine generator that will automatically test the water and make necessary adjustments for you. However, even one of these devices doesn’t excuse you from the necessary task of testing the pool water on a regular basis. Water testing can be performed at home weekly, but it also a good idea to take a water sample to a professional for testing every month or two.

Cover your pool

The simplest way to keep your pool free of bugs and leaves is to apply a cover when not in use. Swimming pool covers offer much more than simple cleanliness. They will hold heat in and keep it warm. They help prevent water evaporation so you can save big on your water bills.

Skimming the surface

Even with a cover, debris can get into your water. Leaves and things floating in your pool water decompose and breed bacteria. Use a skimmer daily to keep most of the debris out of your pool so it remains clean and safe for swimming.

Run the filter

Another easy way to keep your pool clean is to run your filter a sufficient amount of time each day. This is something that some pool owners try to skimp on because of the energy costs involved. However, a filter that is not doing its job properly can result in bigger problems that are much more challenging to get rid of. Most pools require a minimum of 12 hours of running time each day to operate most efficiently. During the peak of swimming season, the amount of time may need to be increased more.

Service areas: These recommended businesses, the best pool and spa cleaning companies, in Paso Robles, Atascadero and Templeton generally service all of North San Luis Obispo County, including surrounding towns like San Miguel, Shandon, Santa Margarita, Creston, and the Lake Nacimiento communities of Heritage Ranch and Oak Shores.

Editor’s note: The Best of Paso Robles is a special section of the Paso Robles Daily News. The series recommends local businesses that the writers and editors have personally met and find reliable and trustworthy. The companies listed here have proved themselves exceptional local providers of goods and services. If you would like to suggest a local business for consideration on the Best of North County series, click here to contact the Paso Robles Daily News, or call Access Publishing at (805) 226-9890.

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