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Things to know before you make the decision to move to California 

If the thought of enduring snowy winters is enough to fill you with dread, then you may well want to think about making the move to California. Millennials are now taking tech jobs and they are choosing to move to the area because it is a fantastic way for them to progress their lives while also being able to soak up some of the sun. If you want to move to California, then there are a few things that you need to know beforehand. Take a look below to find out what they are.

Housing’s a Hot Topic

In a lot of California, housing is certainly a hot topic. In some cities, housing tends to be out of reach, even for those who are upper-middle class. Californian zoning laws tend to keep housing very low in terms of the overall supply. Other parts of the state have not yet been able to recover from the Great Recession and on top of this, you have homeowners that are also underwater with their mortgage. If you want to avoid all of this stress then it would be ideal to rent. If you rent, then you don’t have to worry about interest rates and you also don’t need to worry about not being able to afford your property because you can move at any time.

Insurance is Cheap

There are many areas in California that are classed as being low in crime. This means that insurance rates tend to be very low, and that you can usually get a very good policy. Renter insurance in California can be taken out easily online, and this gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be covered completely if something should happen.

You’ll Need a Car

Unless you live in San Francisco, you’ll need a car. California is a huge state to say the least and there are a lot of communities which are very low in density. You also have very limited public transit options as well. This of course, depends on where you want to live in California. Traffic may well be a fixture in your life as well, so you need to make sure that you are able to deal with this.

Direct Democracy

There was a lot of controversy over Proposition 8 in California. This happened in 2008. It was a ballot initiative, and it was spearheaded by those who opposed same-sex marriage. It sparked a major battle and there was a lot of money spent on both sides. This is just one example, but it just goes to show how famous California is when it comes to tackling day to day issues. There are some other states which have in fact approved, citizen-backed initiatives, you should know that California is the only state that is famous for it. Any resident in California can start a petition and if they gather enough, then they will be able to put the option on the ballot papers.

The Education is Top-Notch

If you have kids or if you are thinking about going to school again so that you can attend higher education, then you need to try and take advantage of the in-state tuition. You should also know that they have the biggest university system around as well. If you want to make sure that you have plenty of educational opportunities, then you certainly won’t be disappointed when you visit California.

Moving to California will Not Solve your Issues

A lot of people think that those who live in California are always happy. Those who live in California are no happier than those who live in Chicago. Sure, you have more sun, and you also have a lot of educational/employment opportunities, but at the end of the day, it will not produce a huge radical change in you. If you need some help making your financial dreams come true when you move to the city, then you need to hire a financial advisor. When you do, you will soon find that you are able to capitalise on the benefits and that you are also able to move to the best area in California too.

There’s a Rivalry

Northern California and Southern California do in fact have a lot of different rivalries and cultures. The residents of both easily like to rag on each other. If you are moving to California then you need to move to a part of the state that reflects your lifestyle. Sure, there isn’t any trouble between those who live in California but at the end of the day, there can be some disputes over trivial things, and of course, both parties think that their side of the area is better.





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