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Paso Robles History

Looking Back: County fair opens, Los Padres fires set record, outdoor theatre to open

Excerpt from the Wednesday, August 24, 1950, Paso Robles Journal: County fair opens today – Record crowd at first day’s show Bigger, better attractions in […] Full Article

Looking Back: City swelters under heat wave, children enjoy park, dog wears shoes

Excerpts from the July 21, 1936, Paso Robles Times: City swelters under heatwave; report prostrations -The sweltering heatwave which descended upon the central coast area […] Full Article

Notable Roblans – Famous actors and musicians of Paso Robles

Part I in a series on the most famous people from Paso Robles –Paso Robles is no stranger to the famous. In this new series, […] Full Article

Looking Back: Paso Robles Shell Station cleanest in the nation, scouts in the news

Excerpts from the June 22, 1950, Paso Robles Journal: Paso Roblan wins $100 for clean service station Paso Robles is getting a lot of valuable […] Full Article

Looking Back: Hotel night clerk dodges hurled chairs and harsh words

Excerpts from the June 16, 1936 issue of the Paso Robles Times: Kitchen ‘scrap’ brings fine to hotel engineer Hurtling chairs, harsh words, and kicking […] Full Article

Looking Back: Paso Robles agricultural products compilation, 1911

Excerpts from the May 31, 1911 issue of the Paso Robles Leader Compilation of Products The county is now in the process of development, which […] Full Article

Looking Back: Sportsmen’s Club to wage campaign on killers of game birds

Excerpt from the May 23, 1936, Paso Robles Times: –The first dinner meeting of the Upper Salinas Valley Associated Sportsmen was held on Thursday evening, […] Full Article

Historic Paso Robles bath house building gets a new paint job

–The Historic Municipal Bath House building at the corner of Pine Street of 11th and Pine Street in Paso Robles changed colors this past week. […] Full Article

Looking Back: Highway Job to Cost $330,000; Work for Fifty

An expert from the Thursday, October 2, 1930, Paso Robles Spotlight: Plan start within sixty days as agents seek right-of-ways Realignment sets at rest fears […] Full Article

Looking Back: Roblans Contribute to WWI Efforts

Excerpts from the Saturday, May 19, 1917 Paso Robles Record Meeting of the Home Guards Tuesday evening the home guards met at the city hall […] Full Article