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Paso Robles History

Looking Back to 1936: Businessmen blame traffic enforcement for loss of tourist trade

Excerpts from November 17, 1936 The Paso Robles Times: Businessmen ask end of safety drive; say tourist trade forced elsewhere Whether Paso Robles should discontinue […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1956: Adolescent riots feared in Atascadero, veterans honored

Excerpts from Thursday, November 15, 1956, Paso Robles Journal: Possible riots of adolescents at Atascadero, Napa feared A legislative committee warned that aggressive actions of […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1930: Lack of housing in city is acute, say rental agents

Excerpts from Thursday, October 16, 1930, Paso Robles Spotlight Oil workers influx sets precedent in demand for quarters Need building—modern construction sought by prospective tenants […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1937: Community celebrates Pioneer Day

  Excerpts from Thursday, October 7, 1937, Paso Robles Advertiser: Hail to the pioneer – For the seventh consecutive year Paso Robles will hold open […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1920: San Miguel gets movie theatre

Excerpts from Saturday, October 30, 1920, Paso Robles Star: San Miguel to have movie theatre Next Friday evening the people of San Miguel will witness […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1918: Community turns out to support Liberty bonds

Excerpts from Friday, October 18, 1918, Paso Robles Leader: Liberty Bond Rally Saturday last the Liberty Bond Rally was pulled off in good shape and […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1944: Pioneers opposed to merger with fair

Excerpts from Wednesday, September 27, 1944, Paso Robles Journal: Committee completes plans for celebration October 12 with pre-Pioneer Ball slated for Oct 6 at American […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1946: Pioneer Day queen and grand marshal named, first fair held

Excerpts from Wednesday, September 18, 1946, Paso Robles Journal: Pioneer Day queen and grand marshal named Two of our beloved and highly esteemed pioneers have […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1944: School starts September 18

Excerpts from Wednesday, September 6, 1944, Paso Robles Journal: School will open here on Sept. 18 New athletic director and music teacher hired by Otto […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1931: Local news from 91 years ago

Excerpts from Wednesday, September 2, 1931, Paso Robles Advertiser: Orcutt opens new market Don Orcutt opened his new branch meat market in the grocery department […] Full Article