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Paso Robles History

Looking Back to April 1956: Southwest will start service here on Sunday, trailriders return

Excerpts from Thursday, April 26, 1956 Paso Robles Journal: Four flights daily will be scheduled Southwest Airways officials in San Francisco admitted this morning that […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1955: Uranium discovery on Twisselman ranch causes mining fever

Excerpts from Sunday, April 24, 1955 Sunday Review Confirmation of a uranium strike fifty miles east of Paso Robles and north of the Carissa Plains […] Full Article

Looking Back to April 1956: Airman is killed as chute fails

Excerpts from Thursday, April 12, 1956 Paso Robles Journal: Four escape B-26 crash east of town One airman was killed and two were injured Wednesday […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1932: Oleo faction fails to overturn city council’s margarine ban

Excerpts from Thursday, April 7, 1932 Paso Robles Advertiser A petition requesting the city council to reconsider the passage of the ordinance legislating against the […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1939: Court hears slander suit alleging racism

Excerpts from Wednesday, March 29, 1939, Paso Robles Journal Slander suit trial held today Mrs. Zeb Bresette, housewife, through her attorney, Lawton D. Champion, brought […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1932: Bridge snaps with car and passengers

Excerpts from Thursday, March 24, 1932, Paso Robles Advertiser: The suspension bridge near the S.P. Milling Company at the Atascadero Salinas River crossing collapsed Saturday […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1941: Camp Roberts work more than half complete

Excerpts from Wednesday, February 26, 1941 Paso Robles Journal Troops in camp number 2300 Employees at Camp Roberts, according to latest reports, number 7,738, and […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1932: Business group plans airport near Paso Robles

Excerpts from Wednesday, March 2, 1932, Paso Robles Advertiser: A group of Paso Robles businessmen met at the Taylor Hotel last Thursday noon to discuss […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1914: E.G. Lewis announces plans for Atascadero building plant

Excerpts from Wednesday, February 18, 1914, Paso Robles Leader: House building plant for Atascadero The current issue of the Woman’s National Weekly, University City, gives […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1914: Students debate ‘President should be elected by direct popular vote’

Excerpts from Wednesday, February 11, 1914 Paso Robles Leader: School activities On Thursday, Feb 5th, again occurred the meeting of the Literary Society, which had […] Full Article