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Paso Robles History

Looking Back to 1931: Schools have record enrollment, Pioneer Day plans proceed

  Excerpts from Wednesday, September 16, 1931, Paso Robles Advertiser Schools in town open with big increase The three schools opened in Paso Robles on […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1916: City holds bond election, child dies in shooting accident

Excerpts from Saturday, September 2, 1916, Paso Robles Record: City to hold bond election for water plant, accepts proposition of Olmsted & Gilleten Monday evening […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1940: Nominations for Pioneer Day, women burglars captured

  Excerpts from Wednesday, August 28, 1940, Paso Robles Journal: Nominations for Pioneer Day Queen start today Nominations open today for the coveted honor of […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1950: Chamber of Commerce urges curbs for Spring Street

Excerpt from the Thursday, Aug 10, 1950 Paso Robles Journal: Council authorizes survey to assure full supply for emergencies “Paso Robles water situation is not […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1956: Estranged spouse kills mayor’s sister, gunmen rob locals

Excerpts from Thursday, August 16, 1956 Paso Robles Journal: Spouse held for murder in wild shooting Mrs. Dorothy Gates Moore, 46, sister of Dr. Russell […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1956: Atomic-age war logistics exercises held at Camp Roberts

Excerpts from Thursday, August 2, 1956 Paso Robles Journal: Logistical group tackles new exercises A new-type training exercise, so important to the army’s revised atom-age […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1940: Locals win awards at fair, sew clothing for war refugees

Excerpts from Wednesday, July 31, 1940, Paso Robles Journal Covered wagon wins first place at Santa Maria Paso Robles covered wagon entered in the parade […] Full Article

Looking Back to July 1956: Woman’s suicide probed

Excerpts from Thursday, July 26, 1956 Paso Robles Journal Shot in temple ends life of mother, 24 An apparent suicide Sunday evening by Mrs. Jane […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1950: Fair opens to record first day crowds

Excerpts from Thursday, August 24, 1950, Paso Robles Journal County Fair opens today Bigger, better attractions greet visitors as gates are flung open for four […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1956: Plan to bale five acres of old autos, folks complain about dump

Excerpts from Thursday, July 12, 1956, Paso Robles Journal: What would you do with more than five acres of old auto bodies? That was the […] Full Article